My Lanolips Prize, New shade Rhubarb Plus 101

 It’s finally here!  I can hardly get over the feeling of actually winning something beauty-related and being able to tell you about it!

My prize came swaddled in baby pink Lanolips wrapping, tied off with a ribbon, and inside…

were my 2 prizes and  a letter congratulating me, signed by Lady Lamb ^v^

Tada!  Lanolips‘ newly launched shade Rhubarb and their top colorless lip ointment Lanolips 101.  Pure medical grade lanolin makes my day.  It took awhile to get here.  Usually things from Australia always take much longer to receive in the post.  Lanolips Rhubarb was a lip hue inspired by the owner’s Grandma who used to often bake Rhubarb pie for them on the farm.  How sweet is that? ^v^  Here’s a quick swatch for you.  Rhubarb is a pretty coral shade with a tiny, tiny hint of gold shimmer shot through it.  You’ll hardly notice unless you look really, really close.  It can also be used as a really cute cheek tint.  I tried it on yesterday.

Once more, this was the winning entry that brought home the goods ^v^ :

Lady Lamb
143 PuckerPout Rd.
Fleeceville, Lanolips LandSee More

Dearest Lady Lamb,

I have a beauty problem that perhaps someone as pretty as you can help me with. I adore your kissable lips but just can’t seem to keep my own as healthy in a frequently air-conditioned environment at work, where I work 18 or sometimes up to 20 hours a day on some occasions as a visual effects compositor/animator. My boyfriend is also in the same department so I like to keep myself pretty and fresh even under pressure.

I have all my beauty essentials and toiletries on hand, because sometimes we stay over at work due to intense projects, and under stress my lips always chap, flake, and bleed. I refrain from putting other products on once my lips have been wounded, because I don’t know if they will help heal them or infect them.

But Lo and behold I go online and see your pretty face, with those Garbo-esque eyes and perfect lips and I think you’ve got something more for me, something I’ve been needing all these years that is not available in this faraway land.

Please help me, Lady Lamb. Send me your not-so-secret secret, and I will be forever grateful.

Smoochingly sincere,

(26 Manila, Philippines)

An Intro to Ever Bilena, Bili Na!
NOTD Del Sol Sun Activated Nail Polish
  • Addicted 2 Lip Balm

    Hi Julia, congratulations! It's so great you won, thanks for letting me know. I better you have the best lips in the whole of the Philippines:) Keep 'em Kissable xx

  • Addicted 2 Lip Balm

    I bet you have the best lips……..Now it should make sense, it's getting late over here lol

  • Marlowe

    Congratulations! Your kissable always =)

  • Yelle

    Congrats on the win, Juls! Really, you do have beautifully-shaped lips. πŸ™‚ Artist's opinion (naaaks).

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