Mini MUFE Aqua Eyes Ltd, Edition Pencils

First off I have to say, these are not new from Make Up For Ever.  This is a limited edition mini waterproof eye pencil collection that’s already discontinued, but the full size aqua eye pencils are still for sale at your local MUFE retail store or beauty counters that carry MUFE.  This set comes in 5 essential colors.  I love the selection.  You have your basic black liner, a lovely, gorgeous blued silver, a bright almost turquoise blue, a plummy purple, and a pearly flesh nude which is exactly what you need to highlight the inner corners of your eyes or even your brow bone if you spread and blend it well.

Ah, so how did I get it?  Well, let’s just say I sourced it pre-owned online, never been opened and a contact made his way home from the U.S. of A.  If you’re new to the brand MUFE, basically the company’s name highlights their specialization in long-wearing make up, hence Make Up For Ever.  The brand is a prestigious one in the cosmetic industry.  The prices of their products are also unfortunately very indicative of the quality that these guys are known for, which is why I’m so happy I was able to source this rare, cute baby of a set online, for a real cool deal.  The original retail price ranged near USD $50, got it for much, much, less than that.  Online is the best place to find discontinued products.  In fact, God again blessed me unexpectedly with this purchase.  The sellers sent me double the order by accident, and by the time it reached me in Manila and I notified them immediately like an honest buyer should they admitted their mistake but said I could have the extra product free of charge and just let them know if I enjoy it.  Double the blessing ^v^

I heard MUFE being mentioned somewhere in the online world as the “Harvard of Make Up”.  Of course they had to release an especially super long-wearing line in time for the summer, actually, way ahead of summer, the Aqua Collection, super waterproof makeup.  In their ad campaign, the made up models are swimming underwater, impressive.

Ok, so I have yet to conduct an underwater test to add to this review, so for now let’s get on with simple swatches, a full on smudge test, and a quick non-spectacular eye look.  As you can see below, the pay off is very good, BUT but, I do have a complaint.  The black and purple pencils don’t glide as easily as the blue grey, bright blue, and flesh colored pencil.  Something to do with the pigment perhaps?  I haven’t the faintest.  Anyway, the black and purple require a bit, just a bit more effort for equal payoff alongside the other.  These swatches required about 2 normal pressured strokes per color on my hand.  Gorgeous.

 Now, for the smudge test.  I took a piece of very white used bond paper, and using the clean side I gave my hand a hard rub downwards…

Heavens be praised, you must be joking…it’s that good? Aw, come on, let’s give it another go shall we?  And I’ll rub harder this time…
These are awesome…wow.  Out of the water they are definitely budge-proof. Although I must say that a friend of mine who has very active tear ducts (make her laugh and tada, Niagara Falls) said that these didn’t survive with her.  I teased her alongside another friend saying these are waterproof, not tear proof.  Hers was an extreme case.
Now for the not so gorgeous eye sample.  Please forgive the eyebags, it’s pretty late, wee hours of the morning, I just really had the urge to post.  I didn’t give myself a base here, I just wanted to give you a simple test of the product on one eye.  I promise to try and do a full polished look to follow up on this review.  I’ll be using the bright blue, since it’s nighttime and this shade will show up best.
The mascara I’m using is Rimmel Sexy Curves.  Though my eyes don’t feel too sexy here at all, they’re extremely sleepy.

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  • Lipglossiping

    Lovely, I have the same set…. they're great aren't they?!

  • kats

    i didnt try that smudge test but it does stay on the whole day. awesome eyeliner!!!

  • Anonymous

    hi julia. hehe. i love the bright blue liner. the color's lovely and i tried sprinkling my eyes with water and it didn't budge. alas, my teardrops are a different story. hehe.

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