An Eyeful of Elianto, follow up EOTD

Two posts ago I promised my aunt, a makeup bug as well, to try the Elianto single eyeshadows on my eyes.  Note to readers I did not fashion a “look” here, I simply put eyeshadow base then using my fingers applied product to my eye generously…and of course mascara after, just to show what it looks like on my lids.  

  Pigmentation is pretty good, much much better than any stuff I’ve ever owned and they blend beautifully!  Not bad at all for Php150.00 each.   I used Lancome Aquatique Eyeshadow base as my lid primer and highlighter on inner corners is from a Korean makeup palette I picked up from Watsons…oops, did I just give my next entry away?  Hehe, bedtime. 

Elianto Turquoise Blue
Elianto Princess Plum (my bad, I did not blend properly, too sleepy)

Metallic/Shimmer Bliss: 4U2 Palette from Watsons
Rainy Day NOTD: My 1st Try at Nail HeArt (test)