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I first saw this UNII custom eye makeup storage palette on Jen’s YouTube channel (username: frmheadtotoe).  She’s such a pretty US-based Korean online makeup guru and so pure, childlike even sometimes, one wouldn’t even suspect she’s married at 25.  She featured this  product over a month or so ago on her YouTube channel, the UNII palette.  Everyone is more familiar with the empty customizable palettes that MAC cosmetics has for their separate eyeshadow refill line or the Z palettes  that Kandee Johnson (another YouTube guru, sorry I’m guru gaga) featured.  They should get familiar with this one, too, even though it is, admittedly, more high end.  The big big difference for me is this has a mirror.

The common features these palettes have is a magnetized bottom or if not empty slots for depotted eyeshadow refills that you can stick magnetized backing to underneath.  Unii has a really great page full of resource videos for depotting and storing your makeup pans.  Honestly, even though you’d be paying slightly more for this one (I got mine for USD $28 off , there’s a few dollars off if you get 2 or 3) I believe that the UNII palette has unmatched style and engineering, it kind of looks MAC-ish (Apple).  You’ll see why I had to have it in a minute, especially after I discovered Elianto’s single eyeshadows in individual pans.  Ok, plus point number one, the packaging is divine ^v^  The box/envelope has kind of an origami feel to it upon opening it up.


It’s such a beauty.  There are 5 colors available : Lemongrass, Pomegranate, Twilight, Eggplant, and Snow.  I got this one in “Snow”.  Again, just like the way I described the 4U2 palette, the way it feels it was engineered, this is tightly assembled, you don’t feel any horrid loose clicking or anything moving about in a wrong way.  That little thingamajig you see on the lower left is the magnetized thumb-rest that you can position anywhere depending on how you hold your palette.  The gray part is the removable steel plate that allows the sticky magnetized backing they provided to hold your shadow refill pans in place.  This is also removable.  I will provide a link to Jen’s YouTube demo on this product at the very bottom where she explains it really well.  Before that, though, let’s see this baby in action with my Elianto Pearl Shine Shadows ^v^

This is the removable rubber gasket that you can clean separately after extended use.  Basically, this gasket acts like the one on a refrigerator.  It keeps it airtight, so no moisture or dirt gets in.  It also makes the palette cool to snap shut, less noise, you can feel the rubber cushioning the lid.  So, from the magnetic sticker backing provided (or your separately purchased magnetic backing, I found the tackiness of the sticker weak on this one) cut a small square or whatever shape covers most of the back of your makeup pan, and press it on tightly.  I kind of dirtied up the back because I held the eyeshadow by accident, how smart!

Perfect.  I forgot to upload the photo where the two Elianto pans fit snugly on top of one another vertically.  As in!  I tell you, a perfect snug fit, so I’m guessing you can fit 6 or 8 depending on how many fit width-wise.  There’s only one way to find out, eventually, I’ll have to get more pans–(Grinch grin*).  Here’s Jen with her video demo, and by the way it is so amazingly cool how NYX single eyeshadows fit into this product.

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Hi All! Making the Jump 🙂
  • OOOOO Julia, I want this! Your blog is very dangerous 🙂

    Blog digs is looking nice 🙂 I love the clean layout.

  • Charlotte

    I love it, I really love it! But damn, it’s expensive!

    Have you seen the yaby freestyle palettes?

  • Bless My Bag

    Yes I have, Charlotte, I want one! Sam Chapman of Pixiwoo just featured them, the 40 pan one…and its white, so pretty…but everywhere I look it seems to be sold out I checked out the link Pixiwoo gave and even Camera Ready Cosmetics in the US, would you know where I might try and find one?

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