Fyrinnae Lip Lustres & Heart Check

I first read about Fyrrinae‘s Lip Lustres (highly pigmented non-sticky lip cremes) on Charlotte’s blog, Lipglossiping.  I got really excited about her rave on these tiny, inexpensive lip delights (around $2+ for the minis and $4+ for the regular size tubes) and purchased a few to be shipped to my elderly aunt who was on vacation in California who happily obliged since I’d never ever asked her for anything in my life.  These items actually have a very personal quick story tied to them and in a way, what happened involving this purchase put me in proper place, heart-wise.  If you would allow me one fat paragraph, I’ll tell you why I won’t ever forget how I got these.  Here’s a quick close up photo to appease you before my story is over.  The close up is of the shade Visual Kei and below my quick intermission.

My aunt phoned Dad, her brother, saying that she received the 2 items I bought online and swiftly packed them for me (the other being the UNII palette) and I got so excited that these purchases made it without any mishap.  Life proved to have its own twisted little ways.  My aunt was overcome by a deep illness the following week, the week before she was to come home to the Philippines.  It hit her so bad she was placed in an intensive care unit in the U.S.  You know how unexpected situations catch you off guard and suddenly you come face to face with a test of character?  I love my aunt but we aren’t extremely close and I was confronted with a self-centered concern being that this tiny package might not make it home at all, but the concern for my aunt’s welfare loomed over me at the same time.  I was like thinking “God, how can I worry about STUFF when my aunt’s health hangs in the balance?  What kind of person am I?” I prayed and resolved to let these items go, never knowing if they might make it home and promising never to inquire about them during this time.  In spite of being in the ICU, my aunt made sure that her children, my older cousins who rushed to the U.S.  took these home for me, and they arrived last week without my expecting them to.  I was so blessed and humbled, and yet even when these arrived I couldn’t stop thinking about my aunt, I guess Someone gave me a change of heart.  Please keep my aunt in your prayers, she’s still abroad getting better slowly. Thank you for staying!  So, let’s get to these tiny tints shall we?

These Lip Lustres by Fyrinnae are different from normal lipglosses mainly because they aren’t sticky/tacky.  I actually have this free Clinique long-wearing gloss that came with a pressed powder I bought for my mother (btw, I think Fyrinnae’s site is undergoing maintenance, so sorry if the link above isn’t working, it is the right one) and I was so overly excited by Clinique’s hot pink shimmery color but so turned off because when I put it on my lips stuck together, as in it was not funny, it was sticky in an arts and crafts kind of way, so, so wrong.  Admittedly, Fyrinnae’s lippies are not smudge proof, they go on somewhat milky and yes of course moist, but whats phenomenal bout them apart from the color pay off is that through the day your lips absorb them without drying and the color melts into a non-smearing stain.  Here I am wearing my first purchased shades.  Please forgive the awful hair…it was terribly hot today and there was a fan behind me.

(Above) Visual Kei is a simple, bright pretty pink.  Suitable for everyday use in my bag ^v^  By the way, these apply using a doe-foot applicator, the way most tubed lipglosses work.

(Above) Type A is a deep, earthy, bloody shade that I think goes pretty well with my Asian skintone.

(Above) Lace Gloves is a peachy beige nude with a hint of pink.  The nude shade that Charlotte featured was Romantique but judging for my more yellowish Asian skintone I wasn’t so sure that that would wear well on me, so from Fyrinnae’s lengthy list of lustres I chose Lace Gloves instead.  It leaned more towards the beige-y family of nudes.  I also compared it with the lipstick I love endlessly which is Shu Uemura’s Rouge Unlimited in 908, which is a deeper color.

(Above)  This shade, Meloncholy, I wasn’t too happy with.  For some reason, color didn’t spread as evenly as the others did.  Product consistency in terms of texture seems to have wavered on this end.  In terms of color, I’m beginning to see that orange shades on the not so red end aren’t really as flattering on me.

Um, I kind of gambled with this shade, Indies but I’m not too disappointed.  I was looking for a vampy, chocolatey color coz I’d never really tried anything that dark.  I find though that this one was somewhat more “wet” than the others, half a notch down on quality control perhaps for this one (well, for $4 I forgive them) but it smells awesome!  It smells and tastes like mocha.  Sorry I didn’t describe all the scents of the others.  I only distinctly noted that Visual Kei was somewhat fruity, and that Lace Gloves and Meloncholy smelled like watermelon, the others I have yet to think about.  I tried blotting this lightly with a tissue to reduce the greasy shine, it toned it down just enough.

and last but not the least, my pride and joy…Trickster.

Trickster is a blue hued pink and covers wonderfully!  I think it suits me, what do you think?  In my second photo you can see that over a few mins the lip color starts to set and doesn’t look wet anymore, it’s the same with the other shades.  Some of the others like Lace Gloves and Meloncholy take a bit of work and layering to cover well, and for their light hues to stay true one must mute your natural lipcolor with a bit of concealer, lip base, or whatever product you use to blank out your lips so when you put nude or bright shades on top they register better.  I read somewhere online that Laura Geller has a nice product that does that called Lip Spackle.

Hope you enjoyed watching me enjoy!  Have a wonderful Sunday ^v^  I do hope Fyrinnae’s site comes back online in case any of you are interested in these colorful lip treats.  Fyrinnae was kind enough to include a freebie for me in this first purchase of mine 🙂  A small pot of 1 of their insanely soft eye dusts in “Wicked”, so here’s a preview for you 🙂

FOTD with Fanny Serrano Palette
Moony Over UNII (custom palette)
  • Abigail

    Cool beans, Julia! I’ve become an avid fan of your blog 🙂 are these available only online?

    Prayers go out to you Tita. Keep us updated on her condition.

  • Charlotte

    I love lace gloves on you. Beautiful! Sending positive thoughts to your Aunt, I hope she gets well soon x

  • J

    Wow, I don’t usually see Filipino bloggers writing about Fyrinnae, so yay (they’re one of my favorite brands; I love their eyeshadows!). BTW, if you’re looking for a different type of dark red from them, I love Bloodstains. It really surprised me because although it’s a dark brown-red (I don’t really do reds that much), it’s surprisingly wearable and pretty (especially when blotted to tone it down).

  • Hey Julia,

    I had to follow your link after you put these gorgeous pictures up on MAF! Great blog, will have to keep an eye on you, you do some great pictures, and we’re all very jealous of the gorgeous FOTDs you’ve shared on the forum!

    Sam xx