Dior Lip Glow SPF10, A Color Awakening balm

Isn’t that pretty?  That’s just the box y’all.  You’re immediately stuck when someone asks you what color the box is.  Your default answer ought to be “It depends.”

Just wait ’til you see what’s inside.

Pretty in pink.

This is Dior Lip Glow, a color awakening balm, or a mood balm so to speak.  I got this for USD $27.00 on Ebay with free shipping to relatives in the U.S. a few months back (1 dollar less than orig retail price.  Yes I know, I was robbed, I was blinded by its cuteness.  Never again I promised myself.  Brands like this for me only ought to be received as gifts.  But as someone said on Make Up Alley regarding the price “But of course, quiet disappointment…”) and I just never got around to posting this immediately.    It’s a really simple deal but the applicator is so pretty and has SPF 10 and mango in it so it will for sure go into your everyday kit (I don’t think i’ll ever throw it away, when its through I’ll stick a Chapstick in it) .

The product itself is essentially colorless.  Here are my sleepy lips in the morning.

The balm works with the natural chemistry and temperature of your lips.  It enhances color from within so it isn’t just slathering pigment on top of the lip surface.  After waiting a few minutes, my lips blushed.

The balm feels really velvety on the lips and is very comforting if yours are excessively chapped.  In truth, I can’t believe I fell for this considering the price, I wouldn’t make a dive like that again unless it was probably limited edition and beautiful enough to frame.  However, whenever I hold and look at the applicator in its tender baby pink prettiness and slide the lip balm back in till it smoothly snaps into place I still am glad that I got it 🙂

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  • I’m a sucker for pretty packaging too.