Etude House Proof10 Mascara

I walked into a local Etude House branch at Festival Mall the other day.  Because my brother and boyfriend were waiting outside I only had the time to ask for one of their bestselling mascaras, Proof 10 waterproof mascara.  I bought it at the price of Php650.oo.  Etude House is a popular Korean cosmetics brand that was brought to the Philippines for the first time last year.  Straightaway you can see how good-looking this tube of mascara is.  It comes in a attractive deep blue shade (it looks blue violet sometimes) with pink letters.

See how pretty and cute it is?  The cap has a fairytale or storybook-like design.  It looks very princess-y .  Hehe.  The cap is some form of metal, but the tube itself is plastic, the container just comes together in the same blue shade.  The shade I have is called “#1 Smoky Proof (black)”. When you buy it it comes boxed like this…

…the box is also well-designed.  I wish I could tell you more from what the box says, but the rest of it is in Korean.  Here’s the only English part apart from the front of the box…

The wand is deliberately bent at an angle, so depending on the orientation of your hand it makes it easier to do both the upper and lower lashes.  At first, it may take some getting used to, but you’ll most likely get it in 3 seconds.  When you do, it’s such a convenience and the bent angle does make a lot of sense.

Proof 10’s mascara formula is a defining, clump-free mascara.  It is not meant to give heavy volume but it does lengthen, thicken and define your lashes after 2 to 3 coats.  It’s a simple formula and what’s wonderful over here is because of the bent wand you are somehow able to shape and draw out your lashes even without the use of an eyelash curler.  Here in this photo, I didn’t curl my lashes.  I just applied 3 coats of the product and worked on defining my outer lashes using the bent wand.  This is very pretty everyday mascara.  It’s not too over the top and I tested it for one day and yes it does not give you “Panda Eyes”  .  I laughed when I read online the tagline of a certain Japanese mascara “No Panda Eye!”

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