4U2 i-Pro “Impressionist” Palette

Awhile back I reviewed the “Contemporary” 4U2  i-Pro Palette, Contemporary being the name of the color set.  4U2 Contemporary was a mix of pastel metallics, golds, blues, bronzes and pinks.  I spied 4U2’s “Impressionist” palette that time and knew some time later I would just have to add this set of deeper shades with the same INSANELY good velvety payoff to my collection.  See what your impressions (chuckle) are on this fabulous eyeshadow set that actually has a black that’s really black when you touch it (some other palettes have only pretend black, you see).

The colors in this palette have more variation and kind of consist of very basic colors.  Top row from left has bright purple, a deep vintage pink, a bright emerald green, and a black shot with a hint of shimmer, it’s more matte than any of the others.  Bottom row from left has a gorgeous Egyptian looking blue which is so far out as you will see in its swatch below, a gold bronze, a pale lime yellow, and a light silver.  These shades have a satin or metallic finish.  Here are some swatches.  I won’t get too specific and will just let the photos speak more for themselves.  I did a monolid on myself somewhere in here using the purple shade.

These are a few light swatches of the shades from the top…they look lighter here, the sun was so bright.

That gorgeous Egyptian blue…aww, man.  I don’t have the guts to wear it during the day though, unless there’s a party.

That’s black alright…see the tiny flecks of sparkle?  They’re so few, and I’m glad about that, they don’t ruin the black you need to use.  Here’s the full set on the back of my hand.  What blows me away up to know with these eyeshadows by 4U2 is the minimal amount of fallout you get when you use them, and they go on so evenly and velvety with the color staying bright and strong.

Here’s  a quick eye look for you.  The purple shade with Cover Girl LashBlast mascara.

So so so so lovely this color eh?

I purchased the “Impressionist” palette from Watsons for the same price as the 4U2 “Contemporary” Palette, that’s about Php900 + and this palette is the harder to find of the two, most probably because of the black and blue shade.

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  • berns

    Hey, thanks for posting this 🙂 I bought two sets for myself. My sister is buying one too! Did you know they also have a matte palette?
    I love how solid and vibrant the colors are! I have challenging dark circles and my skin tone makes it more difficult for eye shadow colors to be visible and vibrant. I remember my sister, she tried applying a green eye shadow on me…walang nangyari. hehehe. This one, I can actually see the colors! wohoo! thanks julia 🙂

  • Bless My Bag

    Really? At what branch of Watsons did you see the matte palettes?

  • berns

    At the make-up section of sm southmall. It’s not on display. Better ask the salesperson na lang 🙂

  • my girlfriend have green eyes and that is the thing that i always love about her facial features;~-