Estee Lauder PureColor Eyeshadow

I’m somewhat going to be raving about product design once again in addition to the speed of Strawberry Net’s international shipping. This photo below is the closest I have of their actual size.Β  Put your hand by the Gold Nugget one on the right, that’s roughly how tiny these are.

However, first, there’s enough to be said about the quality of Estee Lauder eyeshadows, most if not all who’ve tried them know that you always get good pay off from this brand of makeup and silky, effortless blending.

My first mini Strawberry Net haul consisted of 3 items, these 2 eyeshadows and a lipstick which I will feature next after these πŸ™‚Β  I bought the items on June 27 and they arrived speedily (for free international shipping to the Philippines) on July 8th.Β  I was extremely delighted.Β  Though they were only 3 items, they came packed with care in a box full of styrofoam macaroni (you know what I mean) inclusive of 2 freebies: Pixi Vitamin Lip Silk gloss and Isa Dora sheer lipstick.Β  I bought these Pure Color eyeshadows in two shades: Raspberry Pop and Gold Nugget.Β  These were discounted by about 17%, as expected, Estee Lauder products are among the higher price ranges, but with packaging design like this and the stunning color of that gold shade, they have been deemed essential for my collection.Β  These arrived for about Php800.00 each, that would be the retail price of MAC single eyeshadows locally, for that price, these estee babies are a sdeal er steal…deal I mean…hehe, (wink).

The product design is exquisite.Β  These 1 inch by 1 inch pockets of luxury color come encased in plastic cubes blessed with mirrors that snap snugly shut.Β  As tiny as these are, the people over at EL were still gracious enough to add mini mirrors to these single, small wonders.

I did a really quick eye of the day look using my trusty MAC 139 brush to place color on my lids.Β  My facial base consists only of Maybelline BB Cream and NARS concealer in custard.

They apply really smoothly on the lid.Β  These are admittedly sheer upon direct application in comparison to 4U2 eyeshadow but I understand why completely, they wanted these to be buildable for those who would prefer more sheer color.Β  They blend so smoothly and render so elegantly after the buff of a brush.Β  On my brow bone I have 4U2 eyeshadow from a palette that came free with the Impressionist palette I got (tune in next time, hehe).

This look feels inspired by a photo of Koi fish I took at Nuvali, Sta. Rosa (to be inserted ASAP).

Benefit SilkyFinish Lipstick Ltd. Edition
4U2 i-Pro "Impressionist" Palette
  • Charlotte

    What a beautiful look! I love Estee Lauder shadows!