CK Glimmer Creme Eyeshadow

“sheer crème eyeshadow – whipped mousse formula with a lightweight and smooth finish. lightly shimmering shades are buildable without creasing or fading.”  – written on the back of the box.

High fashion for your eyes only?  Yes, this Calvin Klein collection of cream eyeshadow caught my eye over at StrawberryNet because of the Buy1 Take1 promo.  Some of you might have been scandalized by the amount of product in the first picture and your thought bubble up and went “OMG, she splurged and bought a truckload”.  Not really, there are  12 shades sold on Strawberry Net, 1 item costs USD $18-20$ originally in retail.  I purchased 4 colors at about $13.00 each.

Because of the StrawberryNet promo, I received 8 items in total, 2 of each shade I chose.  Keep reading to see more on this sweet find 🙂  I read that they were released early this year, sometime in February.  So they’re not new, but not old and out either.

This how the passengers looked upon arrival from Hong Kong.  Do you see why I love how StrawberryNet sends me their items?  They do it speedily and with lots of love and care.  The items arrived wrapped by pairs in pink reflective gift paper.

The 4 shades I purchased are: 305 Snakeskin Silver, 308 Sage Shimmer, 310 Vinyl Indigo, and 306 Gold Velvet.

The containers are made of plastic, not glass.  I was sort of expecting glass containers like those of Benefit’s Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow, after all it is Calvin Klein, but they opted for high quality plastic for some odd reason.  Maybe some thoughtful product developer didn’t want to add unnecessary weight to our lady kits.

Sealed product is always a good thing.  The cover has colored plastic beneath, so it’s not really product that you’re seeing indicating what color it is. I’m holding Vinyl Indigo a blue that reminds me of classic blue jeans.  I’ll be swatching all but for the next open pot photo, I’m holding Sage Shimmer.  A lovely golden green.

Here, have a closer look, before I swatch them in the next few photos…

My only peeve about this is how the seal doesn’t come off cleanly.  It leaves fibers behind.  The pot’s cap is also somewhat of a bother to twist back on when you want to close it, but those are minor cons.  What really matters is what’s inside right? Don’t go judging a creme eyeshadow by its cover.  Seriously speaking, the result is surprisingly exquisite.  Snakeskin silver is a very light silver lining silver, vinyl indigo is as I described a deep rugged jeans blue, gold velvet is old looking dirty gold, the kind that reminds you of aged medallions so it is somewhat mute and bronze-y, and sage shimmer well, as I mentioned is a golden deep olive-y green.

From left: Snakeskin Silver, Gold Velvet, Vinyl Indigo, and Sage Shimmer, my fave.

How do I describe thee…er these.  Their soft velvety texture and payoff reminds me of Estee Lauder’s pressed powder eyeshadow translated into cream form…made into butter for the eyes.  They are superly duperly lovely.  I was a bit hesitant because Calvin Klein is not an established makeup brand, but hey, they did good, really good with these.  I am an instant fan and I’m so excited to do a FOTD.  You know what’s also extra special bout them?  I rubbed my hand across the swatches on my hand a few times and got a similar effect to the Max Factor Color Precision Eyeshadow I wrote about a few posts back.  These don’t budge easily, there was a bit of color transfer on my other hand afterwards but the swatches did not get damaged.  Oh what else…I placed my hand under running water, and it took a good amount of rubbing to get these off.  These are worth the money.  Smitten me is!

Yes of course I also swatched them indoors for you as well.  That’s how considerate I am (smug smile).  This is beneath a desk lamp.

I’m happy enough now after having played with these to search for the 2 remaining shades, but let me just think about that for awhile and save for them 🙂

4U2 Single Eyeshadows & UNII palette
NOTD The Face Shop polish GL112
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  • Charlotte

    They look lovely, particularly the gold one! StrawberryNET are fab!