4U2 Single Eyeshadows & UNII palette

They’re not MAC single eyeshadows.  They’re 4U2 single eyeshadows available at Watsons and they cost Php128.00 each.  I purchased 6 colors but there were more at Watsons I remember.  Happy happy, joy joy…

They’re nameless.  TOP ROW: 1. a deep navy black-satin finish 2. a pastel aqua – satin finish  3. a light copper – semi shimmer

BOTTOM ROW: 4. a peachy pink – satin finish, but this one has a tragic story 5. a gorgeous chocolate brown – satin finish 6. and a light beige-y grey/taupe – semi shimmer

They look like a more than average alternative to MAC eyeshadows for those who simply cannot afford those premium shadows locally.  I for one would not want to collect due to the local retail price.  I would much rather to ask someone in the U.S. sometime later to help me get MAC shadows off the official MAC site in Pro pans, the ones that only cost USD 11.00 each, of course on top of that there’s shipping but if you’re going to choose 4 or 5 shades you might hit the $50 mark and have your shipping waived.  Well, here, at least we have 4U2 for now.

Preeeetty noh?  Sigh, this photo makes me misty eyed, you’ll see why in awhile.  4U2 shadows, are, as I have said twice before, amazing.  Their payoff is always a winner, eyeshadow that actually glides across your skin silkily and leaves strong color.  I only swatched 2 of the colors for texture’s sake.  This is the peachy pink and the chocolate brown:

Sorry about the uneven light.  This is pretty accurate still, except that the pink is a bit too washed out because of the angle that it’s at.  Smooth eh?

Ok, so this is what I first did when I had them with me at the office.  This was my first attempt to depot an eyeshadow and it was successful.  This first one was successful.  I was a bit of an impatient wretch.  I didn’t want to bother following precise directions on how to depot.  For this first color, it was a good shot simply because the glue that held the pan to the compact was a poor amount on this first one.  I simply slowly stuck my Swiss knife into the slim gap between the compact and the pan and twisted and pushed it out.  Majority of online depotting tutorials instruct you to heat the container underneath first, to soften up the glue.  Being lazy simply cost me at the very end.

Notice the sunken dips in the last 2 shades on the right?  The glue underneath put up a fight and fractured those shadows down the middle, so I had to heal those by pressing them firmly in to the pans with my bare fingers.  I came to realize that these shadows are such good quality because they are ultimately soft and finely milled, thus also delicate.  I also discovered that the metal pans were easily bent when I battled with the glue underneath.  That’s what caused those 2 shadows to crack.  Oh, you probably noticed one was missing in this family photo.  There goes the tragedy.


Doesn’t it look like an open coffin?  Peach didn’t make it.  This shade had the biggest dollop of glue underneath.  I refused to believe it and stubbornly tried to force it out.  I still have the broken product with me but in this moment I closed the lid of the compact and gave up trying to give it CPR.  Burn and learn.  Ironically, it’s in this shot that we see the beauty of the product and this color in particular.  Sob*

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  • Precious Tan

    Hi. I just like to ask where were you able to purchase the Unii Palette. Thanks. 🙂