Shiseido Japan Majolica Majorca Mascara

Magical mascara that extends those lashes beautifully?  This was what Shiseido conjured up when releasing Majolica Majorca last year.

Majolica Majorca is an Asian cosmetic line that was developed by Shiseido Japan for young women who still trust in their quality-conscious brand but live on a smaller budget.  The women in their product imagery are meant to possess beauty often found in fantasy themes. They embody the Asian cutie-pie or “Kawaii” look that wins the world over time and time again.  Enchanting eyes need beautiful lashes.  So, upon us (or at least those who can source it online, wink*), they bestowed their Lash Expander Frame Mascara with its highly acclaimed lengthening formula.  I sourced mine online since this I believe is only readily available on retail in Japan, China, Taiwan and Singapore, I think.  These are probably only available locally with certain suppliers and cosmetic entrepreneurs.  Here is a sample of one of the advertisement images I found on the internet with a Majolica Majorca damsel.

The very packaging of the tube speaks fantasy.  It was designed to look femininely embellished in an Art Nouveau-ish way.  See the emblem below on top of the cap?  The designs and ads of this line have a Midsummer Night’s Dream feel woven into the imagery.  Vintage, magical, and other-worldly are three words that come to mind in terms of concept.

I pulled the applicator out of the tube and thought oh a lovely wet black, oh no, eww,…is…is that hair already on the applicator?  I was mistaken…and one of my other assumptions was correct.

The comb style applicator has a two-step function.  You use the wide tooth comb to apply mascara as you would from the roots, out and upward, then you flip to the tighter toothed side to separate and define and lengthen further.  The consistency of the product is an extremely lengthening, non-clumping kind so when product is pulled out, tiny hairs seem to be left on the applicator where the product is formulated to extend, but that is the formula that will help your lashes become unbelievably pretty, like so.   When I say unbelievable I really mean…

…almost unbelievable.  Isn’t that incredible…dible…dible?!  I especially like how for the first time I actually appreciate my lower lashes because of this formula!  You can even appreciate my blurred lashes on the other side.  First of all I love it because there are practically NO CLUMPS.  The only minor thing I observed about this oriental wonder that you have to be cautious about is because it is a wet, lengthening formula just be careful upon application, i did get a smudge or two on my lid when my lashes weren’t dry and I looked up.  It takes reasonably one or two minutes to dry and it dries on your lashes in a way that makes it look really defined.  I believe a similar product we have locally here in the Philippines is Maybelline’s Hypercurl Mascara, it has a similar comb applicator but I’m not sure about how great the formula is in comparison.  Maybelline’s version runs wild in a black tube with pink tiger stripes and if I recall correctly they have a Hello Kitty limited edition of that Hypercurl mascara out on promo.  I curled my lashes first with my hand-me-down Shu Uemura eye-curler.  I’ve also heard the Fanny Serrano eyelash curlers by Fashion 21 work just as well for a much more affordable price.  Here’s looking at you, Kids 🙂

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  • rita pangilinan arenas

    how nice naman. can i order through you? 🙂 and question: how did you get your lashes to curl like that? or maybe your lashes are just as obedient as you are… and mine are, well, as disobedient as i once was :-S

  • Bless My Bag

    Hi Mom…

  • Chezka Arellano

    Another great post! 🙂
    Been learning a lot of kikay tips from you. Ang dami ko tuloy gustong bilhin na makeup! 😉
    I’ve been searching for the best mascara, so I will definitely try this!

  • Bless My Bag

    Ooops don’t know if that’s a good thing sorry haha. Well I’ll be going on a makeup shopping fast and focusing on the looks here on before Christmas. Will also be doing make up looks on willing friends who don’t mind a bit of online fame haha 🙂 Para magamit na mga stash ko 🙂 There is a limit of course diba? This is about the art and products that work and make it easier to do…

  • cheena leyva

    wow, jules, love it! this isn’t sold here? 🙁

    tama ba, you curled your lashes first before applying? how about the lower lashes?

  • Bless My Bag

    Not sold here I’m afraid, unless there are certain entrepreneurs who’ve brought it in.

  • Chezka Arellano

    It’s not sold here? Oh no! How can I get my hands on this then? Huhuh 🙁
    (yes, was that serious on finding this!) 😉