Hot Mod 60s Look & LimeCrime Candyfuture Lipstick

I found energy to do another one, thank goodness!

Past midnight I found the inspiration to do an Audrey Hepburn/Twiggy  inspired hot mod 60s look ( i actually didn’t know it would turn out this good, yey).

Some of the next photos are blurred but  find it does add a bit of character to the shot.

I went for no eyeshadow on this look since the lips take the lead in this production.  Kitty flick eyeliner (meowrrr! hiss) with Maybelline lasting studio drama eyeliner give just enough drama with lavish lashes on the eyes done with my previous featured product, Majolica Majorca mascara, no need for false lashes with this mascara unless you really want an overly dramatic look.

This was done with the oh-my-it’s-so-bright-its-illegal Lime Crime Candyfuture lipstick in the shade “Contessa Flourescent”, a Crush Cosmetics purchase brought home from  Australia by my dear friend, Sir Eric Dizon (yes, I knighted him).  Have a gasp or two while looking at their super cute packaging and product design.  I hear America singing “The Last Unicorn” already.

Lime Crime is actually manufactured in Los Angeles, California, but Crush Cosmetics set up online shop Downunder to cater to this side of the planet that thirsts for several locally unavailable Western makeup brands.

There was a lot of controversy surrounding the brand, or so I’ve read, but here’s one going out to the haters of this brand’s creator.  I don’t personally know the person who created the brand Lime Crime but I believe her haters shouldn’t bash the product and lie about its quality just because you have issues with the person who began this really fabulous concept of makeup.  To tell you the truth, though I admittedly found the product to be a bit costly (a bit over the price of a MAC lipstick), the product delivers ASTONISHINGLY well as you can see from my photos.  Lovely UK Makeup Veteran Artist Lisa Eldridge  is a cosmetics developer who also professionally applies makeup on models for the covers of Vogue and Glamour magazine.  She would not feature this and use it herself if it were not good.  She’s already mentioned this two or three times on her site and used Lime Crime lipsticks in her videos.  I hope that somewhat silences some of this brand’s haters.  The creator may have been ambitious at first, especially with the pricing, but the brand has made a positive impact as well in the beauty community in spite of the online hate and made its way into several beauty blogs online literally with flying colors.  I do not know the creator personally, I only react this way because I’ve discovered first hand how great this lipstick is and I am angry I was led to believe otherwise because of some people lying online.

The lipstick line is well known for its brightly or deeply(they have red and black) pigmented lipsticks that range from black or pinup red to vibrant pinks, fiery orange, and a signature unicorn purple same as the shade of the packaging.

The pigments of their shades have white mixed with them and this aids in the opaqueness upon application and intensity of the fluorescence.  The white helps cancel out your natural lip color and lifts the color up.  Big grin and a glimpse of my room being fixed coming right atcha!

I’ll be using this lipstick again pretty soon 🙂  That’s for sure.  By the way, pretty soon I’ll be going on a make-up purchasing fast, I have to decide on how long.  There are 2 or 3 items still on their way to me, but after those unless it’s a real bargain or something super special I’ll just have to hold back for awhile.  I purchased a pretty jacket that was a bit pricey and will have to cut back naturally on other expenses.  I  will try and fill up the blog with more nail-of-the-day features (polish is much cheaper and easier to come by) and more importantly make-up looks done on either myself as usual or a willing victim…er friend or relative who is fine with a bit of online fame…a bit.  A girl’s gotta use her cosmetic stash and save, too of course!  Make-up isn’t just for show and tell…you gotta do the face.

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  • Jabba

    I love the Lipstick juls!! 🙂 Hehe. I enjoy reading your blog, since I enjoy makeup as much as you do!! 🙂

  • That pink lipstick looks great on you! I’ve been wanting a pink lipstick forever but I can’t seem to find the right shade.

    PS. I bought the Pixi primer you blogged about. Love it! Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

  • rita pangilinan arenas

    this is beautiful… beautiful work, too… from a totally biased source 🙂 mmmmmwah <3

  • donna

    Nice… wondering if that pink will fit me.. i dont think so…