Sleek Storm hits Manila…epicenter moi

If you’ve been, what’s the word…lemming (which for me is actually a very futile blog term meaning “wanting unto death”, dangerous!) for that super gorgeous Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette which costs around $50.00 shipping included (wonderful item but not cheap), I’ll have to admit I was feeling the same way as well, although I would hesitate to say “lemming”, words like that scare me, I am not against those who use the word, that’s just my personal reaction to it.   No, I don’t have the Naked palette.

Sigh, yes…it is wonderful, but Urban Decay is a gazillion light years away, they don’t ship to us outside of the US and frankly at $50 (estimate with shipping) it is officially off my budget.  But I do have something else, just in time for these gray, rainy days…

Something arrived with a friend that is quite similar to that Naked palette and much cheaper, too, at $15.00 (Php700.00 it costs even less than 4U2’s i-Pro makeup palette).  It made my day, and somehow made up for that.  Sleek MakeUp’s i-Divine 12 shade (just like Naked) eyeshadow palette in the color scheme “Storm” made its way to me from Crush Cosmetics in Australia.  Sleek is a UK bargain brand that costs around five English pounds if you’re based there.  These are available more often than not at their chemists/pharmacies/drugstores.  Crush Cosmetics has procured some stock to be made available for us Australasians.  Yes, the black eyeshadow cracked on its way to me with my friend but the palette’s minor injury didn’t swallow my glee.  How thankful I was that if anything cracked at all it just happened to be the black shade, which I happily pressed back in imperfectly with a disinfected 25 centavo coin.  The colors don’t have names by the way.  They should have named them.  Naming the colors makes the palette even more special.

What I loved about it right away is that there are 2 matte shades along with 10 deeply pigmented satin and shimmer shades.  Continue reading to see these colors swatched on my hand.

What I’ll do for now is personally think of 12 names/words for these eye shades so I don’t have to elaborate on each shade. All from left, TOP ROW: Halo, Pearl, Latte, Sun, Champagne, Burnt, BOTTOM ROW: Bronzine, Gunmetal, Seaweed, Indigoon, Truffle,  Coalmine.   Here, have a closer look at these velvety natural and smoky, stormy shades…

Since I’ve given names for description’s sake I won’t describe every single one anymore, but have you realized specifically what I love about this palette?  On top you have  light naturals, nudes and day hues, on the bottom you have your evening smoky eye shades.  This palette has you covered especially if you’re conservative and don’t particuarly like loud colors or the likes of pink, yellow, or purple.  It’s a safe, essential eyeshadow palette for the un-tutti-frutti market.  My favorites are that unusual green, Seaweed and Latte which is a gorgeous gorgeous matte cafe color.  The texture and payoff felt very, VERY familiar.  So, I was not extremely surprised when I checked and saw that the ingredient line on this Sleek palette is almost exactly the same as the 4u2 brand I’ve been raving about for the longest time.

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  • Jules, I love that it comes with a big mirror! And, I wanna try that seaweed one on! 🙂

  • Yay, now i want to buy it off you! ahahaha

  • i love Sleek (^_^) louise sent me one Sleek idivine in Graphite (^_^)