Buzz for your lips…

Da Buzzz!  I happened to be in Alabang Town Center to pick up some nail polish remover and I strolled past the newly renovated Beauty Bar outlet right beside Lush Cosmetics.  Both shops had just opened their doors to the public a day before.

Did I make it past them? No, I walked right in.  Er, maybe I shouldn’t have, but curiosity got the better of me on this one.  The freshly minted shop was like honey to this bee…and I happened to pick up two of Burt’s Bees tinted lip shimmers in the shades Peony and Cocoa.

Burt’s Bees is a brand renowned worldwide for its organic, soothing lip-care products.  Their product range has expanded to include skin and body care as well.  The prices make it to the high street mark.  These lip shimmers are roughly bout the size of cigarettes.  They prove very handy to bring around and provide instant comfort and a hint of color for tired chapped lips.  Burt’s Bees’ Lip shimmers also smell and taste so very lovely with that cooling mint flavor.  After applying it’s almost like that minty fresh feeling you get on your lips after brushing your teeth.

Yes, I will provide lip photos soon.  I didn’t have the right light on this day and it would look pretty funny posing outside of my office.  The only thing I’m dismayed about with my purchase is the weak payoff from the shade Peony.  I swiped the shade Cocoa thinking Peony would be just as good.  I failed to check the packaging of Peony closer,  I was so in a rush because I didn’t want to hang about Beauty Bar that long that I didn’t notice Peony had older packaging.  That’s why the bottom of the Peony tube was yellow :(.  Never shop in a hurry unless it’s for a basic need.  Cocoa is a beautiful shade but looks a bit goth on me.  With the proper lip liner around Cocoa though I think I’d be able to pull off a nice party look with purple or lavender eyeshadow.  Purple and brown are like married to each other, Cadbury knows so.

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  • they both look good =). do they have good colour pay off when applied on the lips too? i used to use burt’s bees (regular) lip balm but the mint flavour bothered me a bit so i stopped using and buying them. but i feel like i want to try them again because that cocoa looks really good. haha. 🙂