NOTD Face Shop PK108

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Once in awhile you come across a color you’ve never really encountered first hand before.  It feels familiar but different at the same time.  It screams grandma, but having seen that vintage is making itself modern and that even “old”, “worn” and “distressed” now bathe in the spotlight,  I present a shade that is a few steps off the beaten path of pink.

PK108 is an old rose creme shade that’s been muddied/dimmed for elegance.  It’s a mature shade but I do not mean it is only for mature people.  I mean (snort) come on I’m wearing it.  I perceive it to be a pink that fits into the latest craze for grayed out, muddied and muted shades like one of the shades my friend Charlotte of Lipglossiping featured awhile back which was Estee Lauder’s newly released “Surreal Violet” from the Blue Dahlia collection for autumn.  That Surreal Violet shade is something I’m going quite a bit gaga for…actually, though I’m not sure if that collection is available locally by Store Specialists at Rustan’s.

Do you like it? Is it mod or does it go back to “Lola” (grandmother in Filipino)?  These are taken at two different angles, so there’s a slight difference in color…depending on how my meek little digital camera translated daylight.  No color tweaking, promise.

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