IZGO lipstick, the best I’ve ever tried

You usually think you have to spend a ton to get lipstick that has out of-this-world color payoff that won’t dry your lips to a flaky wounded mess.  I’ve realized after receiving, scouting for, and testing various lip products that it is highly uncommon to find a lipstick that isn’t glossy, shimmer-free, and is still reasonably moisturizing.  Finding reds and pinks in mainstream that suit pale oriental skin is also quite tricky.  A certain lip product blew me away last Saturday and marked every single check-box on my ideal lipstick checklist at the Hallelujah-angels-singing price of Php100.00 (est. USD $2.00) .

These are luxurious IZGO lipsticks from Taiwan.  They are colorFULL, moisturizing, non-smearing, and long-wearing.  I was at the World Trade Center near Mall of Asia last Saturday with my friend, Nyx.  We attended a Health, Beauty, and Wellness Expo.  It was not mainly a makeup  event, and I wasn’t surprised to see spa companies and natural remedy entrepreneurs in almost all the booths.

Then suddenly Nyx and I rounded a corner and we found these.  I was blown away, then over a span of 20mins we were both blown away.  Look below and you’ll see why.  I’ll be naming these again for description’s sake (Asians get with it and name your shades! sigh*).  In some of the photos, I looked really tired and didn’t do eye coverage so please bear with the eye-less photos.  Lips take the limelight on this one.  Swatches first…

I only wore 3 of the shades in the next set of photos since Berry Fuschia was simply slightly deeper that the Hot fuschia shade.  I bought four lip shades, named by me they are: Asian Red, Blush Beige (my perfect natural day lipstick), Hot Fuschia Pink, and a Berry Fuschia.  Continue reading to see more of the colors and more of my thoughts on this new favorite.




Aren’t they great!?  No shimmer, pearl, or glitter in these lippies.  They come in slim tubes which is kind of reminiscent of MAC’s Slimshine lipsticks and Revlon’s Colorstay products.  The formula and texture reminds me of a MAC Viva Glam lipstick I have and Revlon colorstay…actually, come to think of it, to me this comes close to the texture of a MAC lipstick.  The texture and formula even beat Lime Crime opaque lipstick for me.  When I bought these brand new they came sealed with perforated plastic, and a sticker with the list of ingredients thank you very much.

Note to users this has coconut oil in it so those allergic to coconut (though I know there isn’t a ton of you out there) just steer clear of this then.  To those who have no problem with coconut, cheer on for the added plus!  When you swipe this product on your lips, you feel a subtle long-wearing cling but it then glides smoothly leaving a wipe of color that clings and sets really well.  A minor con would be that the fuschia shades tend to stain on your lips because of the strong pigmentation.  I personally suggest using an oil cleanser or olive oil to remove the lipstick if you really applied it on thickly, or prior to putting it on, use a lip primer or lip balm so that it will be easier to remove.   It’s just common sense that long-wearing lipsticks should be removed with extra care.  I REALLY REALLY REALLY am digging these.  I wish, really really wish, that I had gotten more to share and sell, but I didn’t have enough cash on me.  Some items like these I guess, simply due to circumstance, will just have to remain rare and special.  This is Nyx trying my new Blush Beige in the restroom…

Then right after that she headed straight to the booth to get two for herself in Blush Beige and Red.  Hehe, yes they are that good.  Here’s a hello from us two to you, taken before we found the lipsticks. 🙂  Living Asia Channel girls shine!!! 🙂  You may or may not have seen us on the tube if you’ve got that channel.

The point of purchase...
NOTD Face Shop PK108
  • Hey I’m gonna repost this, heehee…and I just love that it only costs 100 pesos! Beautiful AND budget-friendly! Was fun, thanks for an awesome Saturday!

  • Charlotte

    Hi Julia,

    Those look really lovely on you. I’m especially loving Asian Red and the Fuchsia Pink!

    Great find!

  • berns

    Oooh! I love the asian red and blush beige. let me know if you find a shop with this brand. It’s pretty! 🙂

  • rita pangilinan arenas

    Jul, my Fine Arts classmate wants to buy — do you know where?
    <3 <3 <3 mama

  • Yes my friends wanna buy na rin…but…where?? 🙂

  • Bless My Bag

    The Taiwanese guys said they were only selling it at the expo, nowhere else locally. But I will research 🙂

  • Bless My Bag

    Apparently the company is Victoria Cosmetic Co Limited. I found a website here…


  • blush beige looks gorgeous <3

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  • faith

    where did you buy this? i looks good on you!