My answer for DoeDeere’s Blogazine giveaway

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Doe Deere, founder, redhead model, and creator of Lime Crime makeup is having a goodie giveaway on her Blogazine !  It’s the first time I’ve ever been given a chance to join one since August 19 is the last day for answering her giveaway question for us:

“What makes you, You?”

I took the time to post my answer in her comments thread beneath the giveaway article.  My answer was as sincere as I could make it.  A bit deep probably, but then a well always is 🙂  I wanted to share my answer to the question with you:

“Dear DoeDeere,

I think inside of me or any person hides an unresolved conundrum, a bottomless well of wonder that takes long past a lifetime to reach the bottom of. It’s this unresolved, unreachable part that makes me me. If someone says they’ve gotten who I am exactly that only means they’ve stopped going deeper but they simply appreciate and accept (love) most of what they already know good or bad. No mortal being has a chain long enough.

Down the well of my soul the walls are lined on one side with the portraits of the people in my life smiling, talking and laughing and an endless quilt of memories and artwork stitched together hangs on the other till the bottom. The stones that line the well are carved with things I’ve said. The words glow dimly in serifed letters embossed on the stone, both the good and bad. My biggest hopes are candles at the very bottom that rest on the lily pads of faith. They light up the well ever so gently and steadily. I am what I choose to be, a vessel of beauty, fun, love, and purity. My Maker is the bucket. You might think “Why the bucket of all things?” He is the only one with a chain strong enough and long enough to go all the way to the bottom and reach the very unresolved substance of my soul and carry me to the very top.

Happy Birthday to your Blogazine. You are an inspiration 🙂 “

I really hope and pray that I win the giveaway, Lord, please bless my bag once more…Amen.

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