The point of purchase…

Why are some high end products simply worth the money?

(Shiseido maquillage lipstick -mom's,
Nars stick concealer "custard'
- mine, Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited lipstick 908-mine,
MAC lip pencil "Whirl" - mom's)

Because the ideal point of a high end purchase is getting something you really, really like, that can’t be duped by any lesser budget buy, and you really, really reach for it almost every single day until…

…until like long-loved teddy bears with plucked out eyes and exposed stuffing these luxe products come undone.Β  I really recommend digging in and getting your money’s worth. Lip brushes and wooden nail pushers come in very handy when you’ve reached the bottom.

Oh, look, Mom’s Elizabeth Arden White Glove powder compact, one hundred percent loved. It now looks like a toilet bowl with a mirror for your backside. I really, really thought so awhile ago.

My answer for DoeDeere's Blogazine giveaway
IZGO lipstick, the best I've ever tried
  • Pika

    Aaaw. You’re so lucky your mom likes makeup too so you get to borrow sometimes! My mom doesn’t even put mositurizers whatsoever! LOL! And I have no sisters so… LOL!

  • donna

    oh yes for me its the MAC studio fix and Christian Dior Shimmery lipsticks that really get used up! And now a new find,,,, really nice,,, shu eumura nobara cream foundation stick. Sulit

  • teenee

    the feeling is mutual with my Chanel lipstick πŸ˜€ i reach for it almost every day at work. lol