Geisha Glam, IZGO lipstick, & my Japanese roots

I’ve raved about the IZGO lipsticks in one of my last few entries.  I wasn’t able to include 1 of the shades in the photos that time, the Berry Fuschia shade.  Today I decided to have a bit of fun and make use of my Japanese heritage (great-great-grandmother) and go for a bit of geisha glam.  By the way, I am not wearing underwear nor am I naked in any of these photos, okay!!!!???  I happen to have on a strapless cotton summery top.  Read more to see how this all came together, and a nasty thing I endured in between…

This wasn’t a high maintenance look, it only took me around 25 mins to do.  It took 5 mins to do the eye makeup.  It took longer to do my face base, because I made myself paler on purpose for the look.  I also increased light exposure on my little digital camera to give the illusion of paleness in my photos.  No Photoshop work done here like I said before, I only use Windows Paint to crop my photos and insert text.

I used Maybelline BB Cream mixed with Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer for the base, Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow in Gold Nugget yellow,

and the IZGO berry fuschia lipstick around my eyes, yes, and lips.

I love the berry shade of lipstick because it’s a deeper version of the hot fuschia IZGO lipstick.  It’s a more wearable shade for daily use.  Hmm, this was a rushed photoshoot and it didn’t come out as nice as I would like it to, wanna know the unnecessary deets?  I was puking my guts out in between shots…I had a bad case of hyperacidity right in between my foundation and eye makeup.  BLECH! (groan) BLECH again into the toilet…then  I popped eye-mo onto my eyes to clear the redness and continue finishing the look.  Click, click, click, took a few shots for you guys.  A girl just can’t be a girl interrupted! Then after finishing  up I collapsed on the bed and began to eat bread.

Uber Ube FS polish & Seche Vite, world's best top coat
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