Uber Ube FS polish & Seche Vite, world’s best top coat

Remember that pre-school grape shade I mentioned way back that I said I’d review? I finally got around to doing it.

Here I am with yet another Face Shop polish in an uber-ly ube shade, I’m sorry I don’t have the color code on me right now, but then you know how I hate unnamed shades.  I’ll just edit in the color code later on.  I think this happens to be one of their older bottles.  The newer bottles come with a black cap and the Face Shop logo printed on the bottle.  Hey aren’t I getting better at doing my own nails?  My pet peeve happens to be the edges.  I’m getting braver with the metal pusher thingy that looks like a surgical tool.

I adore this color.  It’s a creme purple shade.  This here is 2 coats on a base coat shielded by my brand spankin’ new glossy, non-gloopy nail guardian, Seche Vite, the world’s  best top coat. Keep on reading to find out why I love this simple bottle of clear nail formula.

I purchased it from Crush Cosmetics for about $10.00 US, then my friend Sir Eric brought it home for me 🙂  This top coat is nothing short of a nail miracle worker.  Did you know that in this photo I actually nicked one of my nails by accident before applying Seche Vite?  Can you tell which fingernail before I finish saying “i bet you won’t guess which one it is”?

If you can’t see the imperfection that’s because of the undeniable finishing prowess of Seche Vite top coat.  This product makes a finished nail look like the hood of a new car.  The formula does something to the surface of the polish that I can’t properly describe.  I nicked my index finger by accident and of course I said “Great, it was perfect and now it’s not”.  Then I brushed non-viscuous Seche Vite on top and suddenly…the nail was perfect again, it was like it melted my mistakes or something.  That color, that shine, ooh ooh ooh, nothing compares in my book so far.  Now I don’t have to put on polish perfectly all the time to get the perfect finish.  I have yet to compare it to Orly’s Top to Bottom topcoat, which I very much like the idea of because you remove a base coat from your nail routine which always happens to be yet another extra bottle. I’m also liking very much how the top coat enhances that color.  The only thing I’m not too happy with is Seche Vite’s brush, which I’m sorry I don’t have a photo of, it’s a bit soft and splayed at the bottom.  However this made me realize that the formula is really that good because in spite of the brush I get perfect coverage.

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