Mono Mad, 4U2 Gemtone Quad in “Onyx”

I had this 4U2 Quad eye palette months ago, but never got to posting it right away because at the time more interesting things came my way.  I still do have this with me and it is a wonderful makeup basic to have, but I haven’t tested them on my eyes just yet.  I got excited about this item right away because of it being a basic mono essential, you’d appreciate this find especially if you’re an artist.  I got it for Php450 at Watsons.  I think this color combo or…mono combo will help make a pretty 60s sculpted eye…soon!  As you can see, I forgot to tell the saleslady I wanted to check the inside of the product to see if I got a good one. I got one that was less than perfect, but I didn’t despair.  One should never despair over material things.

I understood that it is a budget product and could come with an imperfection or two, such as the one on the gray shade you see above, the dip in the crease between colors isn’t perfect, but at least it isn’t a crack, that would be much worse if it was.  Continue reading to understand why I picked this one up in the first place.

I forgot to check and ask for a better stocked one, again.  Sorry, I touched these already…that’s why the pans look rubbed.

These 4u2 shades have a gorgeous satin/matte finish and 4U2’s no fail, ball-out-of-the-park pigmentation.  I love that these are non metallics and have no shimmer, the silver shade has a bit of a satin finish but that’s as metallic as any of these get.  You get a black, a true silver, a creamy soft white, and a gunmetal gray, all are shades that would certainly help you complete a great mono look or help enhance any other colors you might have.

For some reason though, I must note that just in this palette, I found the black shade did not glide as easily as the rest…which I found surprising because in my 4U2 Impressionist Palette which I featured awhile back, the black was a softer texture and glided on smoothly and ever so strongly.  These 4U2 quads are available in five or more other color combos at your local Watsons.  Yes, of course I plan to get more to share with you later on,  just as the bag gets blessed!

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  • PIka

    “One should never despair over material things.” this was what I was telling myself again and again last night. My Mac got her first dent when my son’s guitar slammed against it.

    One should never despair over material things. Very true.