4U2 Gemtone Quads Buy 1 Take 1

I did say they that I’d get a few more, but I didn’t know it would be this soon.

I happened to drop by Watsons to get a few gifts for a friend of mine and saw that the 4U2 Gemtone Quads I had just written about were on a Buy One Take One promo!  I purchased a pair for her and a pair for me.  I chose two quads in Aquamarine and Goldstone.

For my friend a chose another Goldstone quad and an Amethyst quad (not in photo) which was surprisingly different from Aquamarine and Goldstone in the sense that the four colors of Amethyst where encased in individual metal pans within the compact rather than one whole pan as you see here.  I prefer that the four colors meet in one pan, it’s prettier.  A friend’s assumption on this case was that probably with Aquamarine and Goldstone you can swirl the colors together, while the Amethyst palette consists of a white, pink, taupe and purple shade that are really stand-alone shades.  Continue to see close-ups and swatches of these, spy a quick face, and read my delightful rambling.

Here they are, up close and personal:

Aquamarine is a beautiful quad palette.  You don’t usually see green colors put together so well like in this case.  Aquamarine’s shades are not that shimmery, they have a more matte satin or pearl finish.

From top to bottom left to right  of the Aquamarine quad palette you have an Avocado shade, a lemony cream, a retro muted aqua, and a really, as in really, gorgeous deep swampy brownish green that glides like dry butter.   Now moving onto Goldstone, we get richer…

Think of words and colors that use names like Mediterranean, Terracotta, Brick, Clay, Goldmine, and Rust and you’ve properly envisioned what the Goldstone Gemstone palette is like.  This palette can easily fulfill a second purpose as a bronzer or super warm blush.  Can’t afford a Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick and the shades similar to Goldstone?  Try this.

Three of Goldstone’s textures are shimmer metallics and only one is matte, but it’s a gorgeous matte.  From top to bottom left to right of the Goldstone quad palette case you have a plummy taupe, a boldly warm gold, a reddish copper, and the only matte shade in this quartet, a terracotta clay shade.

I did a quick face for the Maybelline contest I just posted about and I used the Aquamarine palette for my eyes.  Aren’t these colors preeettty, and blurred too…

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