The Brush Guard – Proper Brush Protection

EDIT: My friend, Cheena reminded me of Suesh Makeup Toolkit having imported these brush guards here to the Philippines, go to Suesh Makeup Toolkit’s Facebook profile and to their photo album.Β  They began distributing this original brand of Brush Guard last July πŸ™‚Β  Coastal Scents’ brush guard is a copycat version, they even lifted the look of the packaging of The original Brush Guard and added their name.Β  I’m loyal to the original brush guard creators, they had their work patented.Β  It shouldn’t be as simple as taking someone’s brand and work and putting your name on it.

It takes quite a bit of money to acquire high quality cosmetic brushes.Β  It’s important that they keep their shape and are protected from damage in transit and as they dry after cleaning.

If you have a friend coming home from the U.S., particularly California, you may want to ask for these as a take home gift or buy them and have them sent to friends on vacation over there.Β  They’re not that expensive and are so convenient and rewarding I guarantee each packΒ  is worth the reasonable sum of $5.50 US.Β  Bless My Bag has another special story of how suddenly we got double product.Β  Let’s see first how these thingamajigs work…

(Brushes from left to right: A generic cheap Korean brush,

MAC 129,Β  CVS Essence of Beauty Duo foundation brush,

MAC 217, MAC 239, and the Maybelline Eye Studio Drama liner brush.)

This is the original Brush Guard variety pack.Β  The following product packs are also available:

1.Β  The Shadow/liner pack – 10 extra small guards.

2.Β  The Blush Pack – 8 small guards

3.Β  The Foundation Pack – 5 medium guards

4.Β  The Powder/Kabuki Pack – 4 large guards

Keep on reading to see these Brush Guards in action!

The Brush Guards were also endorsed by the wonderful Michelle Phan in a YouTube video several months back where she teaches proper brush hygiene.

This tool really helps you keep your brushes clean and undamaged, and it’s very simple to use.

Even guys and non-makeup enthusiasts have to agree that it’s a pretty nifty item when they see it put into action.Β  You start by inserting the handle of the brush at the top, NEVER the other way around (bristles entering from bottom, thatΒ  is the wrong way and can ruin the shape of your brush).

There, you’ve now got a snug and safe brush that will retain its original shape or return to it if it was twisted or bent!

There are four guard sizes in total, Large (for kabuki and powder brushes), Medium (for smaller powder, blush, and foundation brushes)Β  , Small (for fluffy eyeshadow, concealer, and contouring brushes) , and Extra Small (for liner and brow brushes)

I think these are very handy and convenient, especially if you’re serious about makeup as a profession or maybe even just plain obsessive compulsive about proper storage.Β  I was blessed with this order by a series of “accidents” because upon my first order (I ordered two) the first package got lost…over a month later I reported via email to the extremely affable staff of “Brush Guard Industries” that the package never arrived, so they sent another one, that also didn’t arrive.Β  I complained again asking if they would prefer to refund, they said they would simply RESEND AGAIN (so 3rd time’s the “charm” right?).Β  It took long, but the 3rd sending did get here like they positively said it would.Β  Then suddenly, lo and behold, four months later our office building security guys from the entrance further down the street delivered a ratty looking envelope that had been received then forgotten about.Β  Tada, my second lost order of two brush guard packs that never arrived.Β  Because these were such nice people, the Brush Guard gang, they had sent me an extra variety packΒ  in both resent parcels as an apology for the delayed shipment.Β  In effect I had received a total of six brush guard packs.Β  The first shipment of only two, my original order, never got here, but my bag got blessed triple πŸ™‚

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