Blush in Style – Rock & Republic Contrived Pressed Blush

I rave, RAVE, about this one.  You’ve heard of the jeans probably in the U.S., but what some of you didn’t know is that this clothing brand also has an extremely good cosmetic line with undeniably cool product design. Their smaller single eyeshadow compacts look like this, too.

What has undoubtedly become a cult favorite among make-up enthusiasts is Rock and Republic’s decadently packaged, finely milled range of pressed blushes in a wide variety of…ahem…provocatively named shades.  It came in a box like this almost as if it was on a round stage.

This is the peachy nude I sourced online, “Foreplay”,  and ahem, well, these are certainly crafted in passion LOL.  Sorry about my incapacitated digital camera, it messed up trying to process the fine texture, but I took a better close-up, too, after this one.

Read more to know more and see how it looks on me 🙂

The blush is wonderfully finely milled and a lot of it comes your way when you grab one of these.  You get like 9 grams of product, that could last you a very very long time.

although I attempted to buy “Call Me” or “Bedroom” at 50% off on Hautelook, I stopped pursuing the purchase realizing they didn’t accept non-US based credit cards.

What I love about this peachy nude is it’s matte, no shimmer, and the color on my cheeks makes me look like I pinched myself.  It’s a sheer blush so you can’t over do it, the pigment is strong but does not overpower, and it is “build-able”.

A lot of these go on sale online, up to 50% off!  You just have to watch out for them on sites like Hautelook, Ebay, Beauty Story, or the actual website, Rock & Republic, under cosmetics.  I couldn’t get over the packaging and range of colors, so I decided months ago it would be a good buy for my collection prior to my online makeup fast. They’re not exactly cheap, at 50% off I purchased this over two months ago for bout $27 inclusive of shipping, but that’s down from the whopping price of $40 (which is overkill for a blush).

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