Imaginary Shopping – Top 10 Products in My Wishing Well

September is signature style month and marks the start of most holiday sales.  It’s time to get over this itch for a haul, because it simply isn’t the prudent thing to have at the moment.   What better way to get over my personal wants momentarily than to make a simple wishlist about some of the things I’ve been hoping to get a hold of, win, or be gifted with in the near future “Yes, God (grin)”  🙂  Doing this I think is lamely comparable to putting something into your online shopping basket, just for fun then never clicking the checkout button.  I’m drawing on water (drowing sa tubig) LOL.  So, in no order of importance, here are the TOP 10 off-my-budget items in my imaginary shopping cart for September and why I want them.

If you find some of the entries per product to be too long, I’m so sorry but a lot are in depth.   I’m never into small talk even in real life.   Simply scroll down quickly to have an overview or quick scan of the 10 then choose which one you want to read about if you don’t want to read all.  Maybe, (crosses fingers) I can make this 10 favorites thing a monthly feature to help me cut down on expenses but get the frustration out. (Photos not Life Size)

1. Make Up For Ever HD foundation in 45 Soft Beige. — It sounds like a pro product and it is a pro product by an artistically prestigious cosmetic brand.  Make Up For Ever’s highly acclaimed HD foundation has collected a wide range of positive and neutral comments from makeup pros and regular consumers alike.  The kinds of comments this product gets make more sense when you consider the comments in relation to the commenter.  A lot of regular women consumers who actually saved over $40.00 to get a bottle of this were sometimes confused about the finish, it looked great of course and the coverage was flawless, but it set on their faces differently and that made some feel awkward about the money they spent.

Most probably they felt this way because  it isn’t supposed to be applied as a cheaper foundation would, which would be generously, because they say with this formula a little goes a long way.  If you’ve got a pro hand with a foundation brush this product will put your blending expertise to the test.  You’re supposed to apply a minimum amount and blend the rest to cover well, if you succeed you get a fine finish that’s supposed to stand above the rest.  It isn’t difficult they say, it just has to be applied differently to get the best effect, and from what I’ve read different is “different”  in a dramatically good way.

You can watch the Pixiwoo sisters, Sam and Nic Chapman on YouTube, have a go with this in a lot of their videos from last year to this year and if I’m not mistaken, Lisa Eldridge also used it once?  I’ll edit the video link to that in here.  What got me excited about this, apart from it being by Make Up For Ever and seeing it on Sam and Nic, is that it’s near impossible that they haven’t got your exact skintone in this range.  With 25 shades to choose from, if you choose well, you’ll find a color match that’s just been waiting to suit you perfectly.  “I’m ready for my close-up Mr., Mr.,…”

2. Make Up For Ever Aqua Smoky Lash Mascara. Not too many words to explain why I want this.  Number one, it’s by Make Up For Ever…hello?  Then the Pixiwoo sisters put it on and kept saying “love” with it and I kept looking.  They put it on in several more videos and practically stopped using Benefit Bad Gal lash altogether (that could be a subjective thing though, you know how finicky women are)  and in every shot with it their lashes looked bold, lush, and beautiful.  Plus, you know, I love a waterproof mascara.

3. Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer in “Bisque” — If you don’t like foundations and don’t like pressed powder, you must try this.  Save a bit and get one tube.  I’m telling you, if you don’t start using that tube almost every time you want to put a face on, call me wrong and don’t buy again.  Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer is my personal makeup base staple, it comes in a regular, oil-free, and even an illuminating version if you’re keen on the sheen plus they’ve all got SPF!  I just about completely forgot that Laura Mercier had a shade that was in between “Nude” and “Sand”.  Oh joy!  “Sand” is my perfect shade after I’ve been lavishly baked in the summer and “Nude” is well the palest most anemic version of me, but not my exact color because it’s too cool toned.  Oh Bisque, be mine!

4. Urban Decay Naked Palette — This is what Eve probably had in the garden of Eden and maybe she wore virgin when she first laid eyes on Adam.  How suitable is that?!  Killer joke, is the air dead?  Sorry I’m in a strange mood, because I’m at work, done for the day and it’s past official working hours, but I’m not at home yet.  The internet  been restored meaning we’re allowed to surf now that the day’s done but you know, I’m not in my writing environment of choice.

Oh, one side note about the brand Urban Decay, I personally think Hayley Williams of Paramore ought to be Urban Decay cosmetics official endorser.  This is a random photo of her.

That’s a match for the brand’s “girl with an edge” image don’t you think?  Anyhoo, to the goods!  This is a gorgeous eyeshadow palette with a lot of thought put into it.  It’s easy to carry in your purse since it is slim, magnetized and snaps shut.  You have a beautiful spread of 12 neutral swatch savvy hues to suit your eye enhancing needs, and I know they threw in a few matte shades in there as well.  Two eye pencils and a travel size bottle of their famous primer potion accompany the palette.

This is a permanent Urban Decay item that is very hard to get hold of at the moment if you’re in the States because as soon as the Urban Decay oompah loompahs  (I find that idea so cute) secretly restore the stock on the Urban Decay site in the middle of the night these sell hot off of there like Wonka bars with the golden ticket (well, it does look like a chocolate bar doesn’t it?) and it continues to stay sold out.  Hopefully, we’ll all get a sporting chance to own one when the frenzy dies down.  The candymakers say not to worry, they won’t stop making it because it isn’t limited edition.

5.  Urban Decay Primer Potion (Pro Size Tube) — Like I said in a recent post about Urban Decay revising the packaging:  smart move.  They still have the magical looking potion bottle version, but I think many a guru, having cleaved bottles of this primer in half to finish it up, has heaved a sigh of relief upon this welcome change.  They finally decided to release this easy squeeze Pro Size tube version with 150% more product.   America’s most highly acclaimed eyelid primer finally gets a makeover and sizes up.

6.  MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Natural in Medium– I get excited silly just thinking about how this baked mineral foundation by MAC works.  It’s supposed to give you the soft dry finish of a pressed powder without that “chalky” flatness powder tends to leave on your face.  You get dry coverage with a glow that isn’t shimmery.  They say it lifts your complexion, mattifies, but doesn’t flattify, LOL  Mineral makeup with definition? I like!  Plus, it’s a MAC.

7.  Clinique Almost Make Up in Neutral Fair– Once in awhile I do wish my tinted moisturizer gave me more coverage for early evening events.  There are nights when I simply don’t want to slather on foundation even though I should for nights out.  I’ve heard that this is a cross between a tinted moisturizer and a foundation.  It’s not quite as sheer they say but it isn’t as heavy as a foundation.  Another probable base staple.

8. Estee Lauder Surreal Violet Nail Polish (part of the Blue Dahlia collection) —  I first fell in love with this nail shade after I saw my friend Charlotte’s entry about it on her beauty blog, Lipglossiping.  What a gorgeous, ladylike, muted lavender shade it is.

9. Ben Nye 12 Well Lumiere Grande palette– Ben Nye is a renowned stage makeup brand that has over recent years been embraced enthusiastically by the beauty community.  With 40 years of makeup creation in their book, it’s not hard to see why a lot of the online makeup artists, bloggers, and gurus had to get their hands dirty with a Ben Nye palette.  Theater makeup is manufactured primarily with staying power (vs. tears and sweat) and color impact in mind.  Their products are most probably like Pro Makeup Artist’s power tools.  Like this concealer for example…

10. Ben Nye Tatoo/Cover All concealer –I saw a photo of tatooes being covered up with this for a theater or film project, wow this isn’t just a dark circles correcting wheel it is like THE all around concealer.  Hmm, maybe I’ll spy a cheaper version of this with another brand, but can another brand cover a tattoo just as well?  Not that I have one, you just want to be able to cover one up, ya know hahaha.

Whew this was a long one, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I feel like I have them in my shopping cart already.  LOL, did any of these items interest you?

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  • cheena leyva

    juls, you might like this. i want to buy it sana, can’t afford it at the moment. it has the same eyeshadow primer in your list –


  • Bless My Bag

    So sweet of you Cheens to be aware of that for, my friend Charlotte in the UK on Lipglossiping reviewed that as well, she was sent that NYC palette free by Urban Decay kasi popular blogger na siya. However, it’s way too expensive for me, if I could get it at maybe below P3000 baka bumigay pa ako, pero di rin. Sigh* I understand that it’s expensive because it came from far away. Pero pricey talaga ang Urban Decay. I’m more excited about the Naked palette. I have more chance to get that because it’s a permanent item. The Urban Decay New York palette is limited edition. Mauubos din yun, and I don’t like that it won’t fit into my bag. But thank you talaga for the heads up, you’re so sweet 🙂

  • cheena leyva

    of course sis, no problem 🙂

  • Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

  • hi, im not sure if this is still relevant, but a friend sells the naked palette for php2350. this is her link: