Photo Finish with Revlon PhotoReady Foundation

Trigger-happy with your camera?  Be ready to smile for someone who is.

The Revlon people get with the snap-happy crowd on the planet and pour your Facebook-ready face into a bottle available at your local drugstore, Watson’s or PCX for Php925.00.  I picked this up at First Aid (PCX Greenbelt) in preparation for a make-up shoot I did last Saturday with a  model who had a deeper skintone after summer.  This foundation impresses me because of 3 things that stand apart from the photo-tech-whatever-crafted finish it boasts.  Ladies, 3 cheers for:

1.) This being Oil Free, hep-hep hooray for oilees.

2.)  This being Fragrance Free, hep-hep hooray for sensitibs

3.) This having SPF 20, hep-hep hooray for outdoorsies, your mother, and your grandmother.

Keep reading to see Halle Berry and spy this formula slapped on me…

Watch the Halle Berry commercial posted last April on YouTube:

It is defined by Revlon as:

“Revlon PhotoReady™ Makeup – for poreless, airbrushed skin in any light. Photochromatic pigments bend and reflect light to erase every flaw. Complete, yet undetectable coverage. Soft, luminous finish.”

It comes with a pump applicator which is a plus.  It keeps bacteria out and our grimy fingers off of the rest of the clean fluid within.

You don’t see anything remotely shimmery in the fluid that resembles “light diffusing particles” when you first pump it out, especially during the daytime.

The shade I purchased is 005 Natural Beige, although I’m more likely to match 004 Nude.  Natural Beige is one shade too deep for me, but only because I didn’t initially purchase this for myself, I purchased it for a makeup project I was assigned to.  The shade is still ok for me to use, though, it’s only a very slight degree off my perfect shade meter.  This is my on the dot beach shade.

By window light, this has a very, very natural, glowy, almost-dewy-but-not finish.  You can hardly notice I put any on.  Coverage power on this is I’d say medium.  I have nothing else on my face here except this foundation.  It rubbed it in with my bare hands, in every nook and cranny on my face.  Here in this next photo, I moved away from the window and further in to the house, but this is still natural light.  Here you can see the “dewiness” and the “glow” on the high points of my cheek.

I love that it is not greasy.  It feels light, not sticky at all thanks to the oil-free formula.  My only minor dismay is under direct harsh sunlight at noontime or early afternoon when the sun hits your face at close range you can spy what you think is a tiny bit of shimmer particles on the surface of your face…but they don’t infect your look in a negative way like glitter or real shimmer would.  That’s only under harsh direct sunlight and if someone stands by you at close range, close being as near as your mirror gets to your face when you check for whiteheads.  So the super-micro shimmer factor is I think negligible especially if you’re young.  It may bother some older women though who check their faces with their compact more often, but I’ll know they’ll love what it does for an evening look.  What I am liking very, very much about this is it can eliminate the need for a separate illuminating product depending on how much “glow” you want.

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  • dada

    finally, a review on this product from a Filipina and with pictures!! huge help! been wantin to try this product. i hate that i always look like a vampire in pics because my foundation doesnt look natural and look too pale in snaps but looks ok when i check myself in my room mirror before i step out of the house. cant wait to try this out! super thanks!! 🙂