IN2IT Drugstore MakeUp – Pt. 1 SheerShimmer blush

I made a little almost accidental discovery over the weekend on the way to the cinemas.  I came upon the shelves at PCX Alabang and smiled at what I saw.

I had been hoping to find what could be a possible drugstore blush alternative to Rock & Republic’s Pressed blush in the shade “Call Me”.  I reviewed that pricey blush in the shade “Foreplay”  (how obvious can they get)  a few posts back and I do love my R&R blush in that shade, as a matte blush.  I did still want to have “glowy” version with more sheen on hand for parties or more special looks and I recall exactly how You Tube Guru, Jen a.k.a. blogger FrmHeadtoToe went on about “Call Me” as her favorite blush “It’s a very pretty, peachy, pinky blush with a little bit of gold shimmer.”  Yes it is, but Rock & Republic pressed blush retails for $40.00, isn’t that a teeny bit insane?? It was already enough that I got my R&R blush for $27.00, I didn’t want to be “lemming” for another R&R shade, unless by chance I find it’s dropped to like 70% or 80% off.  The only other close but still costly option currently is grabbing one of the R&R “Tempting” eyeshadow compacts in the shade Corset (an eyeshadow can be used as a blush, it’s still your face right) which are simply smaller size versions of the blush compacts, cute actually.  Well, I found what I was hoping to find at PCX without looking for it, and it cost Php329.00.  It’s another Thai manufactured Asian brand that stands tall beside 4U2 cosmetics.  Yes, believe it.  This is IN2IT’s Sheer Shimmer blush in 03 Plum Pearl.  Doesn’t it look like a lovely, petite, French macaron?  They resemble the now made-popular dome baked blushes you see like those by MAC Mineralize

This  is so close to what Jen showed as “Call Me” and her swatch of it (check her video here) that I want to try and contact her and ship her one of these so she can do a comparison.  That’s how confident I am.  Read more to see these swatched and worn 🙂

Here are some of the details at the back of the compact.

It isn’t paraben-free, but most drugstore makeup isn’t anyway.  Naturally, because it’s cheaper, but in my opinion this is still a high quality product.  Here’s a hand swatch for you.  The pink doesn’t show up as much in the photo coz of the daylight but if you’re wondering how pink it is, watch the link of Jen’s blush video that I provided earlier, when she swatched “Call Me” on her hand, I thought I was seeing double, that’s exactly what it looked like when I swatched this blush on my hand.

Isn’t that pretty?  You get a sheen that isn’t exactly shimmer, it’s more pearlescent, so you don’t have things sparkling like glitter. on your face, but you get that nice, subtle peachy pink golden glow. Note please the color is much more vibrant in real life, the daylight is diffusing the pink in the photos, but yes it is a sheer non-overpowering blush.  It helps make you look cute and healthier.

I’m using the blush here on top of the Revlon PhotoReady foundation which is one shade too tan for me, but hey, I like the effect 🙂

So what do you think.  It’s a good dupe for Rock & Republic’s “Call Me” right?  IN2IT Sheer Shimmer blush is available  in 3 other shades if I’m not mistaken.

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  • agnes

    hi! i’ve recently followed your blog and i must say i really appreciate the way you take pictures. may i ask what camera you are using? pictures are very clear and crisp, colors really stand out, and maaliwalas yung style ng picture taking mo 🙂

    i also like your attitude….i cannot forget your line ” one should never despair over materials things” — so true.. you sound like an old soul 🙂

  • Bless My Bag

    Thank you agnes 🙂 I blushed when I read your comment (how appropriate LOL). i’m very happy to tell people when they ask me that none of my pictures are photoshopped, I use Microsoft Paint (so oldskool haha) to crop my pictures, but in this post I used the freeware GIMP to get the rounded crop. My camera is a Panasonic LUMIX zs3, a nice capable point and shoot, but my aim is to shoot pictures and push my photos as near to DSLR quality as I can get them with my little camera. I don’t use flash, I use the Macro settings for closeups and I play with the camera’s exposure settings 🙂 Not a lot of people realize what you can do with a point and shoot camera. We have a lot of windows in our house and we’re out of the city, clearer atmosphere means more light, that helps a lot. Thank you, I feel like an old soul, in many ways 🙂

  • Donna

    I got this yesterday because of this review. I got confused whether I should go for the plum pearl or apricot pearl coz my skin isnt as fair as yours. I decided to get the plum pearl and I’m happy with it. It does give the skin that glow 🙂

  • Sultana Fox

    hi where can you buy this online

  • You certainly deserve a round of applause for your post and more specifically, your blog in general. Very high quality material.

  • A

    I just got this blush today! I got it in the lightest shade, 01 Pink Pearl. It’s a really pretty luminescent baby pink that I think will look good alone or as a highlighter. I was sooo tempted to get Plum Pearl as well (I didn’t–maybe next time) because it swatched like NARS Orgasm on my wrist. Actually, all of them could be dupes for NARS’ famous blushes. It was such an exciting discovery! And it’s funny that you mentioned wanting to ship a sample out to Jen a.k.a. frmheadtotoe (one of my favorite gurus!), because the whole time I was thinking, “Oh wow, if those YouTubers see THESE dupes they are gonna be blown away!”