Part 2 IN2IT Drugstore Makeup – Waterproof Eye Colour

Who can forget the Little Twin Stars?  I remember how fond I was of these characters designed by Sanrio.  They were on a lot of my school things like my lunchbox, my sewing kit, and even my own grade school diary.  This next feature brought back memories of the Little Twin Stars in a pretty obvious way.  You’ll see why in awhile.

I recognized the current trend in embossed luxury eyeshadow.  A simple molding design can make something simple like pressed powder or eyeshadow step up to the designer plate.  In many cases it’s that unique embossing that sets off the “Wow I want that” in us women.  Here’s an example from last summer’s MAC To The Beach collection.  Many a girl went gaga over this here sea horse and  lot of them couldn’t decide whether it was a blush, bronzer, higlight powder, eye palette or all of the above.  Some of them even said it was so pretty they didn’t want to use it or others bought two, one to use, and one to keep, which I think is a bit overboard unless you get some product gratis.  This was limited edition as part of MAC’s To the Beach collection and I believe it’s already sold out unless you check in every discount or resale nook and  cranny online.

If the design is unique enough it can even sometimes blind you to the fact that the color doesn’t suit you (giggle).  Who needs those prettily pressed luxury eye palettes if you can’t afford them?   If the pretty pressing is what gets you weak in the knees  here’s to letting you know that some of our own disarmingly cheap drugstore palettes are catching up with the trend.   🙂  Part 2 of my IN2IT discovery series showcases waterproof eye color in the color “babe”.  Now you see why I made mention of the Little Twin Stars?

How pretty and cute is that?  Are you weak in the knees yet?  Well, it’s ok if you ain’t, a smile will do.  It is after all, just an eyeshadow palette, but admit it, isn’t it a charming little thing?  Take a closer look at the design which of course is secondary to the quality which I will show in swatches.

The formula is soft with delightful pigmentation, and glides freely when applied dry but  I have to say it is not entirely waterproof as they claim.  The color doesn’t run wild thankfully when you  hit a hand swatch with water but if you rub your hand even just slightly over it after it being wet, the shimmer scatters all over like a rash.  Otherwise used dry, it’s really really pretty 🙂  If you’re going for a pastel party look, these will do the work nicely for you.  These are swatched dry, I didn’t bother to show the waterproof test, because it wasn’t that impressive.  They should’ve just simply called these long-wearing 🙂 .

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