Macaron Maker wants a Makeover & my 1st upcoming giveaway

Oh! Of macarons and makeup!  I was sent a dozen of these to review/feature for my latest upcoming surprise feature and soon-to-be-had giveaway.  These are the freshest, leading, homemade macarons (French origin cookies) in Metro Manila.  I’m sure Marie Antoinette would approve.  The lovely mystery macaron maker sent me these after I supplied her with a little Bless My Bag beauty advice.

Creative license was taken on the hero macaron to tempt you further (LOL).  Yes, I know you want them, but be patient my pretties, details coming soon, keep checking back for the mystery macaron lady’s makeover feature and my upcoming giveaway post where we will be giving out the details on how you can actually WIN a free dozen box of these along with some select makeup goods if you live within Metro Manila here in the Philippines!

Yes, how can it be a Filipino giveaway without food?  Let’s have a closer look at my favorite macaron flavor in this bunch, Vanilla Bean, one of their newly released flavors!

Do you know why I LOVE this Vanilla Bean macaron?  It tastes like, no NOT OREO filling, puhleeze…WAY BETTER…it tastes like those cereal box marshmallows that you used to gobble up first if you’ve ever tried imported marshmallow cereal from the U.S. like Lucky Charms or Alpha-Bits.  It’s like somebody up-sized one of those cereal marshmallows, I kid you not!  If you tell me you’ve tried macarons already from Bizu, forgive me, but I must say you have NOT tried a macaron till you try one of these.  Order and giveaway details soon, watch out for them.

This is a macaron as it should be, held-together on the outside, soft-centered, creamy, and vulnerable once you bite through, and the flavors are exquisite.  These hold bliss in every bite.  Stay alert for my upcoming post on the giveaway!

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  • yowhan

    wow!looks super delicious..:)
    can’t wait for your upcoming post!