Lime Crime’s Doe Deere Goes Pretty Blonde

She did it and this was once instance where I literally stopped and stared, in a good way.  Naturally a redhead, if I’m not mistaken, Lime Crime cosmetics founder, model, blogger, and Candyfuture creator, Doe Deere, swaps her roaring red hot tresses for a blonde bob en route to powder blue she claims.  Here is a photo of her before the switch.

I commented on her Blogazine requesting her not to pursue blue anymore because of how pretty this hair shade below turned out to be.  In this photo I see the perfect example of makeup and hair-color that matches and complements the person’s skintone and natural eye color perfectly albeit art directed.  Click on the photo to hot skip to the Unicorn Queen’s kingdom.

What do you think?  It’s so wonderful how her red hair beautifies her blonde locks from within giving her a strawberry blonde undertone.  Notice the baby blue eyeliner on her lower waterline?  How fetching 🙂

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