Sleek Acid Eyeshadow Palette – August’s last buy

Something bright this way comes!  And you’re gonna love it.  Before the upcoming giveaway post this weekend…I just had to share my second to the last makeup purchase prior to my makeup shopping fast which is like short of grounding myself.  Have you ever thought harder about why it’s called grounding?  I believe it doesn’t have to mean punishment as much as it does imposing something undesirable to keep your feet on the ground (good thing to tell your kids).  My fast has already started  (am only allowed cheap cosmetic tools which I need for gigs and nail polish).  This palette was purchased in August and just arrived this week.  Behold the colors soon to be used for my upcoming Hayley Williams (lead singer of the band Paramore) look, the Sleek “Acid” Makeup Palette.

You’ll have to excuse my confused digital camera, it had a difficult time picking up the high resolution detail from the bedsheet.  I thought I’d style the photos a bit, just to change it up every once in awhile.    Isn’t this palette gorgeous?!    It came from halfway round the world and was still cheaper than the 4U2 palette I got at Watsons.

The shadows have a lovely texture, and I did blog that about before when I received the Sleek storm palette.  The colors range from your popular fluorescent brights to some very wearable smokey eye shades like blue, gunmetal grey and black.  I love how eclectic the shade and texture range is, you have mattes, satins, and shimmers all together in one loud, agressive palette.  I thought this palette was the perfect collection of shades to do a look that hot Hayley Williams would definitely wear to a concert.  As you can see, she wears almost every popping shade in the palette… (photos from )

I’m pretty impressed.  What I love about Hayley’s look is how original, bright, young and hassle-free it is.  There is no thick base unless she’s going to a premiere, photo shoot, or red carpet event, so the look flatters those with clean, clear, healthy skin.  In fact, more than half the time, there is no foundation, it’s all about the playful screaming bright eyes, the occasional eyeliner, and a glossed or stained lip, which leads me to thinking why this look is absolutely perfect for my next upcoming Friend of the Day makeover model.  She’s rosy white, sweats a lot and frankly, with how fast she goes and the road she leaves behind, she can’t be hassled with something heavy or smudgy.  Continue reading to see the Acid palette’s color swatches on my hand!

Here are some swatches from Sleek’s “Acid” palette.

The only shade I’m unimpressed with is the white shade.  The pigmentation is hard to come by unless used wet and takes several swipes to get hardly anything opaque.  The rest are a dream to use.  I apologize for the delayed giveaway post.  Begging your pardon completely, I’ve hardly had an hour or two together to myself this week to write the mechanics and shoot the giveaway goodies in good light.  Keep watching out for it this weekend! I leave you with a music video, Hayley singing with her band Paramore, their version of Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody”.

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Georgia Rocha Chu - FOTD (Friend of the Day) Makeover