NOTD Essie Lyford Lilac polish

It’s not from any new collection nor is it limited edition or anything like that, but I like it.

Essie’s serene shade, Lyford Lilac, is like a whisper of creamy beige blended with old lavender.  It’s a muted somewhat grayed out mauvey pink that’s very, very chic.  Nude-y shades like this by illusion extend the length of your fingers giving hands that simple, clean, finished look.  Bought it online for a total of Php 326.00 (roughly $7.00).  Not bad for an Essie.  Application is dreamy, you could be a polish dunce and finish a salon quality look on your nails with this polish, the formula flows and covers cleanly.  I shielded this with Seche Vite top coat.  It took two coats of Lyford Lilac for a full on solid finish.

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  • Nude nail polishes looks good on you. ! 🙂