First Giveaway! Until October 23 – Bless My Bag wants to bless yours…

If you live within Metro Manila and have a Facebook account, you are eligible for something fun and free!ย  Girls in the Metro are you ready?ย  Soon, I’ll be more prepared for a nationwide one as well and who knows, perhaps a worldwide giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚ย  For now, I’m blessing the city. ย  Before I show off the prizes below all it takes is 3 simple steps.

1.ย  Be sure you haveย  Facebook account, if not sign up here!

2.ย  Like BlessMyBag’s profile pageย  click here at this link.

3.ย  Leave a decent comment at the bottom of this Giveaway post when it comes out on BlessMyBag’s Facebook wall (which is syndicated and automatic and usually takes only a few minutes after I publish this right here on the blog.ย  If you’re reading this hours after I posted this it should be there already.

REMINDER: Only those who have LIKED the FB profile, AND left a comment under this post on BlessMyBag’s Facebook wall will be officially entered into the giveaway.ย  Winner will be chosen at random after deadline on Saturday, 8PM October 23, 2010 and announced on Monday, October 25, 2010.


The first two prizes of the trio are 1 Variety Pack of the Original Brush Guards and 1 Hot Fuschia Pink, longwearing IZGO lipstick which I raved about here. Both these products are sealed, I just removed the Brush Guards from the plastic sealing for the photo, I returned and resealed them promptly afterwards.

The biggest prize in size of the bunch is an assorted flavors dozen box of Georgia Rocha Chu’s Empire Macaronsย  (George, you can’t join the giveaway ha!).ย  By the way sorry, their dozen box packaging has changed already to a more elegant long one, I just couldn’t show you because we greedily ate them as soon as I got them.ย  I did a makeover on Georgia 3 posts ago and we connived and schemed about this giveaway weeks ago to date.ย  She makes the freshest, most yummy macarons in Metro Manila which I deliciously blogged about here before giving her a makeover.

So, hurry up, get on Facebook and join the giveaway! I’m giving you guys an entire month to be part of this and as you’ve read it’s really, really easy.ย  If you have any Questions regarding the giveaway feel free to comment or email me and I’ll direct and/or answer you accordingly ๐Ÿ™‚

If you don’t want to wait for the giveaway and you want to pay straightaway for soft-centered, velvety macaronsย  I am supplying the Empire Macarons order details right here, wow, you are blessed! Prices are P35 pesos by piece, P350.00 per box of regular yummy flavors (sorry I don’t have the list, you can contact them) and P400.00 for the premium uberly yummy flavors.ย  For further details on delivery, updates, and pricing etc. go to

EMPIRE is now accepting orders! – EMPIRE is now accepting orders!

Ordering Info:
– Please give us three days’ advance notice for your orders
– No minimum order
– Delivery fee within Metro Manila is P100 (plus toll fee, if applicable)

Contact Info:
(02)4671995 or (02)5242546

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  • yowhan

    hello Julia!great giveaways!Especially the IZGO lipstick since I can’t find it anywhere after reading you blog about it. I really wanna taste the macaroons! I hope I win. I’m crossing my fingers. I’ve been checking your blog on a daily basis for new posts..haha..:))
    take care always!

    โ™ฅyowhan the avid fan..=)

  • waters

    Bless my bag!

    I love French macarons! I will get some when I get back.

    If you need anything from here, just let me know. Just send me an email.

    Thanks for sharing all of your best finds! ๐Ÿ™‚


  • empire macarons are the best… but i am loving those brush guards! so perfect! ive read a lot of beauty blogs and urs really sticks to the pinay image.. and i believe thats great. im no make-up expert but i do try my best to do what i can with this face He has given me… =P LeSs is More but definitely sometimes a bit more make-up can be FUN! (especially with freebies!) =)

  • wow! the brush guard’s interesting. and i’ve always wanted a lippy in hot fuschia pink. the empire macarons, a real treat ๐Ÿ™‚

    it’s cool that you’re making blessmybag this interactive. it’s a like a pay-it-forward think in kikayness.

    keep us on our toes, juls ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Those brush guards are just perfect!

    I wonder if Empire Macarons taste like those from Bizu though? My teeth ached after just one bite of a Bizu macaron because it was insanely sweet ๐Ÿ™

  • Bless My Bag

    No they don’t taste like the ones from Bizu, they’re soft centered, read my earlier post “The Macaron Maker wants a makeover…” where I describe what they taste like, I included it in my email.

  • Tiffany

    Totally want the lipstick :>

  • Oh I’d love to win in this contest — I love makeup and I love food, especially macarons from Empire!!! I love ’em — I actually live in Antipolo and would travel all the way to Rockwell to get me some of those yummy macarons ^_^ how I wish i get one more box ’cause honestly, it’s so addicting just can’t get enough of ’em….

  • Julia! It was nice meeting you yesterday at the Artistry launch. And as promised, I’m joining your contest! Those macarons of Empire look so yummy, my mouth’s craving to try all of the flavors! It’s always a pleasure to meet fellow beauty bloggers. I’ll be following you from here onwards. More power to Bless My Bag!

  • Joy Dumlao

    just started following you…. love your FOTDs

    would love to try the macarons!!! hope it’s as scrumptious as it is in the pics….

    would love to try the lipstick . . . i am a lipstick addict!

    and i need brush guards!!!!


  • San

    I’ve been looking for a good lipstick, makeup in general for a long time now. I have always come close, but never seem to get to that point. The market out there is very targeted towards non-asians, or non-people of color. I’m glad to see makeup for my community. Hopefully, you would consider me for the giveaway.

  • Hello! I got here thru Empire Macaron’s blog. To tell you honestly, I have never eaten a macaron in the whole course of my life. I hope I win! Giveaway gods (if there are any haha!), come on let me win this please! I badly want the macarons, as well as the lipstick & brush guard! * fingers crossed*

    Thank you and more power to your blog! <3

  • Juls! Reading your blog’s led me to tentatively test the shades of my inherited makeup palette. ๐Ÿ™‚ Wishing you all the best, and keeping my fingers crossed for those yummy macarons.

  • snow0016

    Lovely fuschia pink! I would love to try that on!

    This is the first time I heard about the Macarons but they sure look unique and YUMMY! ^_^

    snow0016 (at)yahoo(dot)com

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  • Carla Medina

    Those brush guards really seem like something. I actually never really cared much about my brushes until recently, and the existence of these guards prove that your brushes really deserve all the love and protection in the world!

    I’ve only been aware of macarons from Bizu but those Empire ones look scrumptious! Hoping I’ll get lucky!

    More power to Bless My Bag!