Johnson’s Soothing Naturals Hair & Bodywash – Healthy Clean in 1 bottle

My hair is limp, my scalp was fed up and a certain area only was flaking.  I WILL NOT use a dandruff shampoo and get a relieved skull cap at the expense of my hair’s vibrance.  Every dandruff shampoo commercial says they’ve got both covered, healthy scalp with fantastic hair,  I give them a horse snort,  been there done that and it ain’t that!  The after shower scalp itching after scrubbing in my precious imported Citre Shine shampoo  just didn’t seem normal.  Most local shampoos offer the same highly fragrant formulas only differing by smartly named variants in the rainbow array of bottles at the grocery.  I tried a local favorite to purge Citre Shine (which almost at the bottom of the bottle anyway), my hair improved as I was sure it would but my scalp was still reeling from everything chemically fierce.  I don’t think I have a scalp problem, I have a shampoo problem.  Tress Stress, what to do?  I went back to a trusted-but-still-imported childhood friend, John’s Son…

I picked this up at my local S&R Pricemart which has a great selection of imported brands (if you need them) and admittedly this Soothing Naturals is pricy at Php300.00 for 8 fluid ounces,  but to renew my bedhead I thought this ought to aid in the transition and once my scalp was okay again I could rotate back to a local brand and I remembered it was a multi-purpose find that could easily replace your soap and facial wash as well if it worked.    Hey look, it’s a 2 in 1 top-to-toe thingy in a really nice, easy-on-the-eyes, ergonomic bottle.   First thing that came to mind: great multi-purpose buy for travel, this is even gentle enough as a facial wash.   When I saw this I had a thought laugh bubble, it looks like could have been stickered with “This is actually Aveeno we’re just fooling you”  after all J&J is the manufacturer of Aveeno.  Ahem, sorry,  onto the suds.  Continue reading to learn about my happy experience with it.

The formula doesn’t aggressively lather like other regular shampoos/bodywash products, but it does gently foam up and that reassures you that cleanliness is happening.  It says it contains olive extract and a new pure Vitamin E formula with natural minerals all meant to soothe and even heal.  I am loving how gentle the scent is, it’s kind of like a more natural smell take on the Johnson’s pink baby lotion.  If they made this scent into a “parfum” that stayed on I’d like to make it my signature clean scent.  How did you like my art directing effort?  Dad’s towel just happened to suit the bottle and running with its suds from the bathroom to the bedroom, positioning them then shooting them over a towel before they pop into nothingness isn’t easy.  I want a star on my hand for this ya hear? LOL.

I worked the clear sincere-looking liquid into my scalp and hair and already I could feel a difference in my hair texture.  It was as if someone invited my hair to the spa and told it to have a break.  The texture turned squeaky clean and smooth from scalp to tip, as if whatever residue from previous formulas was lifted off.  Plus my skin, the skin on my face especially, I’m not joking, as I rinsed this off I could feel the normally patchy sometimes irritated whitehead infested parts going smooth.  The epidermis was giving me a thumbs up I tell you, I could feel it.  I cautiously diluted this in water first though before foaming it up on my face.  On the rest of me I foamed up with a shower puff and rinsed myself radiant.  Sorry this is a bit “blarrd” as my friend Georgia would say.

Please be reminded, my hair is not exactly the same as yours, so our experiences with this same product may vary.  I squeezed the excess water out of my hair and towel dried it.  I noticed no prickly scalp itching.  My skin was clean and soft in a way that didn’t feel like some obvious moisture film was left hanging on me making me believe I was smooth.  I didn’t tie my hair up and I decided to let the rest of it dry on its own, and suddenly when it was fully dry boom! BODY…in my hair, volume, lift.  My hair was reaching for the sky at the roots (in a good-looking way) in praise.   Reading everything on the back here after I used it somewhat explained why I had a very pleasant experience.  I didn’t intend on reading the product description fully prior, I just went on ahead and used it, then after being surprised with it, that’s when I thoroughly read the product description.

So do I recommend this product?  Yes I do, if it’s not within your budget I recommend it as a nice transition or recovery shampoo, to reset your head for the next candidate.  For the price I believe it’s reasonable if you note that you can ditch 3 products (shampoo, body soap, facial wash) for this one bottle.  My complaint?  I wish this was in my regular grocery.  To close this creepily enthusiastic and well-felt review, I leave the familiar friendly symbol I looked for when I was a kid that marked the shampoo in the shower that was mine.  A product that doesn’t make you cry must be real good. 🙂

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  • rachel

    Juls! You should’ve taken a photo of your body-ful hair! 😉

  • nel

    I went hehehe with the “blarrrd”, that’s how I say it sometimes. ..