Elianto Touch On Blush plus resetting my fast

My boyfriend suggested that I should set a proper start and end date for my makeup fast (restraint from buying and featuring) so that there is a definite period to follow and I have the end day to look forward to.  Hence I have decided to start the fast cleanly on October 1, 2010 and end it on October 31, 2010.  That fast would include complexion cosmetics, lipsticks, eyeshadows etcetera.  What I will still be allowed to feature are cosmetic tools, nail polishes, promos, events, makeovers, and my looks.  So for now, before the first of October, I can still leave you with one or two more makeup features on great products like these adorable little babies…

These are Elianto Touch On Blushers and they are made in Korea.  They are a bit pricey.  They cost me P499.00  each (still P500 in the end right) at SM department store in their beauty hall on the ground floor.  I have two shades, Coral Pink and Peachy Passion.

I may part with one of them as a gift to someone.  I super like the flowered stickers on top of the cap, I do wish though that all of stickers on all products were perfectly centered, but it’s still cute.

These blushes are easy to use when travelling.  No need for a brush to get that pretty flush.  Read more to see how it’s done 🙂

Inside the blush is a fluffy applicator that allows the powder to filter through after shaken and dabbed upside down.  Admittedly though, I was slightly challenged at first, it took a lot of dabbing and shaking on my hand to get the finely milled powder through, but that only proves to be a problem when it’s new.  I swatched both colors onto a paper towel so you could see the difference better.  I should have gotten Tea Rose instead of Coral Pink, Coral pink is very close to Peachy Passion, Tea Rose is more cool toned and would have shown a bigger difference.  You still see a difference though.

Once you’ve let the product come through for the first time , you don’t work as hard from that point on to apply it because the blush has come out already like so…

Then you simply dab and swipe it on 🙂 Apply as needed.   The color is well-pigmented and softly matte, it is not sparkly nor shimmery and the powder reminds me of mineral makeup.  There is a light blossom scent but it is mild and it didn’t give me allergies.  What I like about this is it’s not messy at all and there’s no need to worry about something breaking to pieces because the formula is a loose blush.   Also, for those of you who have no plan to bring along makeup brushes with you, this is perfect.  The applicator eliminates the need for a brush and the cap keeps the product snug, mess-free, and well-stored in your bag.  Here I put on Coral Pink and have a shot with glasses and without.  I don’t have anything on except the blush and Lanolips lip ointment in these photos.  My boyfriend had a look at me while we were eating lunch and said “I like your makeup today.”  I told him I only had blush and lip balm on and he said “I can still see it, it’s nice.” *blush*

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