My First Pre-Pro Photo Shoot – Pt. 1 The Photos

This takes it to another level.  This was loads of fun and I wanna give myself a good solid pat on the shoulder, yey  :).  Thanks, Chroma Studio :).

This is the level of veteran Filipino photographer Pancho Escaler.  At his online folio (I have provided the link) you will find professional photographs of the likes of Dayanara Torres, Aga Muhlach, Georgina Wilson, and surprisingly even one snapshot of Claudia Schiffer.  On September 4, 2010 I was graced with my first low profile makeup job with no formal training yet under his and his photography interns’ supervision at Chroma Studio in Mile Long, Makati.  Modeled by Nicole Kaufman, Binibining Pilipinas 2010 candidate.  It was a professional lighting in photography workshop and a shoot for Nicole’s modeling portfolio.  Impressively, at 24 years of age (boy, did I feel old) Swiss-Pinay Nicole has already modeled locally and internationally.  She happily shared about her  modeling experiences in New York and Europe, naturally I had a few questions about make-up artists behind the runway in that scene.  As I whipped up a face for her, she chatted me up.  More about that in Part 2.

I wanted to have my work photographed at this level and gain professional feedback.  The photos have not been “photo retouched” to the point that my work on Nicole’s face is affected.  From what I was told, it was post processed, but minimally.  I can also tell because I checked and I can still see her pores in the high res photo file.  Photos here are shot by Pancho, two workshoppers, Carlo and Mari, and some of his upcoming interns, one of whom is my friend, Samantha Godinez.  Sam has a talent for photo editing and compositing.  She shot, stylized, and color treated this photo which did not have a wall with water beads in the actual shoot.

In this post I am including all the rest of the looks we did that day withrandom short descriptions and some behind-the-scene photos.  I will save my detailed explanation on each look, how the day went, my techniques,  and what products I used in each for the next post, Part 2.  For now, enjoy the rest of the play (ahem) work we did. 🙂  Continue reading to see the rest of the photos.

This is a fuller shot of the first photo 🙂  This was actually the last look done.  Here’s another close up with that same look.  We were teasing Nicole saying she was the bronzed up Filipina version of Angelina Jolie, from some angles it’s extremely believable.

The looks  I did are far from like the cutting-edge finish I hoped to achieve.  I held back because I was unsure about many things, but I persevered to keep it clean and great looking.  They also required a 3rd look impromptu because there was extra time.  I aimed at being remembered for this first try.  I forgave myself and considered that I could have been better prepared (with like a Make Up school certification or something) but no, I only know what I know for now, so I did make mistakes.  I’ll point one out to you which irritates me to the bone right before this post is done.

Ooh, this above is the first look and she’s pretty freshly made up in this shot.

This was the second look and I pretty much kind of got a bit lost while putting this look together, but ironically it’s the look that Sir Pancho (ole!) took to liking.  I hadn’t anticipated how to do a strong towards avante garde/party look on a deeper skintone.  So in that moment, I kind of guessed a bit and did my best.  I will NOT guess next time.  And here is where sigh* I had a boo boo.  Notice her right eye?  The left side of the false lash strip came loose from her inner lid, I should have touched that up but they were already gaining momentum while shooting and shyness got the better of me, now I regret it, they didn’t get mad about it though and if ever, for this workshop photo Sam can weave her photo magic over that area and fix it.  I made strong note of that mistake for next time.  Have a look at what my setup looked like BEFORE I made a mess of it.  Setting up like this and early made it relatively easy for me throughout the day.  More up close pics on the setup in the sequel post. 🙂

Thanks for reading through all the way down 🙂 Comments and feedback on my first official photo shoot are encouraged :).

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  • aradhana

    great work!

    i have to admit i didn’t notice the lash strip until you mentioned it…i thought you were going to say something about the liner when you said ‘right eye’, but i couldn’t see anything wrong with it!

  • Erich

    hi, lovely julia!
    fabulous job, girl!
    just alway remember, mistakes are learning tools, too…as you already mentioned…so no fuss…
    i’ll be waiting for your blog regarding the Artistry product launching last night…
    i wonder what you’re gonna write…
    hope to see you again…