Lash Curler Face-Off: Fanny Serrano vs. Shu Uemura

Let’s face it, the wonderfully iconic Shu Uemura  lash curler isn’t exactly “Shu Uy, Mura!” (in Filipino meaning “Shu Oh, Cheap!”) at about Php1000.00, but admittedly it does work and I found a worthy more budget-friendly Php175.00 opponent.   Are you ready for this face off?  It’s gonna be a quick one.

I found a more affordable alternative that you needn’t be scared of using, in fact, I found that it worked even better for me and my mom.  We were blown away by Filipino makeup master Fanny Serrano’s Php175.00 lash curler!  Fanny’s cosmetic line is made available by Fashion 21 at SM Department stores.  Here we see a close-up comparison, Shu Uemura on the left, Fanny on the right.

The only big difference really between the two is found in the scissor-like joint.  Fanny’s lash curler legs open at a slightly wider angle than the Shu curler, but mom and I feel this made a major difference.  Also, we didn’t find the joint of Fanny’s lash curler to be loosely assembled, as cheap cosmetic tools often tend to be.  It works fabulously.  Fanny Serrano now taking the lead.

We found ourselves personally being able to use Fanny’s Lash curler without a mirror.  Bringing the lash curler straight to your eye at the angle the tool possesses allows for easy pain-free curling, you must of course, as a rule of thumb in lash curling, look straight ahead.  With the Shu Uemura curler I found it slightly grabbing the corner of my lid at times and not embracing all of the lashes.  I also find myself trying to hold it at a higher angle.

Fanny’s Lash curler is very forgiving, gathers up my lashes up to the corner, you can make a slight mistake without the pain.  There are even instructions at the back of the Fanny Serrano package that specify how to get that gentle rounded curl instead of a harsh folded-upwards look from a lash curler. Sorry the pack got thrown away by accident, I remember it mentioning to “walk the lash curler outwards from the base of the lashes toward the end, squeezing gently with every step towards the end.”

Perhaps for varying eye shapes this opinion may not apply, but I suggest for the price of Php175.00 you definitely can go and give it a try.  See the result photos in comparison below.  They speak for themselves.  I used the Fanny Serrano curler on my right eye, Shu Uemura curler on my left eye, then applied CoverGirl Lash Blast mascara available at The Landmark.

and the less expensive opponent…

See that beautiful outward curl on both?!  I believe we have a tie in performance, but in value for money Fanny Serrano wins this face off.  How did I come up with this idea?  Fanny Serrano simply told me with confidence and a smile on his face to go out and buy his lash curler.

Enjoy your Saturday ladies. 🙂

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  • donna

    Cool!!!!! Send this to the magazines!!! haha. So more people will have pretty eyelashes…. maybe an add on could be to take the photo of both eyes again after maybe a couple of hours to test on “holding” capacity


  • Mia

    Yes!!! He told me about this, too, so I got one. Been using the same one three years and counting!

  • Lia

    The blog is getting lovelier everyday Juls! and great article 🙂

  • Can I just say your eyelashes are equally beautiful themselves! 🙂 Perhaps I might try that Fanny soon. Oh, I want a CoverGirl lash blast, too! Too bad its not here in Cebu.

  • Barbara Bennett

    I’ve been using Fanny Seranos product,their all amazing,Im satisfied and its cheaper too.I also love his gel liner,write a blog about it next time.

  • ohhhh this looks good! I broke mine recently and I’m looking for a new one. This FS lash curler should do!