NOTD – China Glaze “Up All Night”

Mom treated me to a salon manicure which I’ve been staying away from for bout 4 months now in order to save for blog goodies.  Meet the blue counterpart of my beloved Nyx polish Purple Noir (which has sadly been laid to rest, sniff* someone unintentionally dropped it) China Glaze “Up All Night”.  This shade is available for a manicure or simple polish change at Tinette & Co. Salon where a lovely lady named Lynn painted what looks like the evening sky onto my nails.

The color is a rich dark navy blue with a hint of iridiscence within that’s more of an after thought and doesn’t steal the show.

Like purple noir this can be mistaken for black from afar but up close it’s a lovely unmistakable evening blue. 

When Lynn applied it,  the consistency was thin but smooth and pigmented, opaque on the second coat.  She started and finished my nails with Orly Top to Bottom base and top coat.  This shade is deep and rich enough to appreciate this “fall” season, both mom and I think it’s really lovely.  I got a bit of tip wear already as you can see in the photo but that was like…two days later?  I still have it on now and though there’s a bit of nail growth and my thumbnail has cracked a corner I am still appreciating it for as long as I can.

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  • donskiekay

    I have gone through an inexpensive shade-like color for this. I went to this salon and they had the Chic blue velvet nail polish and it is almost like this one 🙂 Just in case you wanna try it 🙂

  • Yna

    Reading this makes me want to try a dark-colored polish next time. Maybe something more purply and sparkly but still very dark. Btw, I have both the Orly Top2Bottom and the Orly Bonder but I wasn’t too impressed with them. As a matter of fact, I don’t even use them anymore and i’m feeling a bit bad for spending close to 400 bucks a piece for them. I find that my nail color lasts longer when I use Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Clear nail Polish as a top coat. It’s much cheaper too. I got 2 for 200 bucks, I think. Can’t wait to try Seche Vite.. I’ll wait till it finds me, though..

    check out my nail color photo diary