A Gift – Lola lipstick (by Victoria Jackson) in 4 Fab Fleshy shades…

Aware of my shopping fast which prohibits me from buying makeup for myself, my boyfriend headed swiftly to SM Makati last Saturday, October 2, when he found out I could not attend a Lola cosmetics workshop hosted by Lola’s Creative Director, Klexius Kolby.  I couldn’t go because of overtime work on a Saturday (Klexius Kolby only happens to have done makeup for the likes of Madonna, Eva Mendez…) and feeling my pain, my boyfriend instantly offered to go for me and see what was happening.  He and his brother went straight to the Lola event at SM Makati.  They both noted the poor turnout of attendees (you could count how many on both hands) in spite of a VIP’s guesting, tsk tsk…hey, hey, what is up with that?! Pick up the promotion, People.  Plus, he also quickly messaged me telling me to log on to Lola’s website and choose the colors of lipstick that fit my fancy when he found out there was a major discount, pretty much “Lipsticks on me”.  Yeyyy 🙂  I expected he’d choose two from the four shades I listed (I listed four only in case any shades were unavailable) and well…

…he got all four after the salesladies giggled and teased him and his brother about what they’d like to try on :).  One of the lipsticks happened to be buy 1 take 1.  Lola Cosmetics is a line created by Hollywood makeup artist, Victoria Jackson.  I featured her survival kit set shortly after this blog began in March.  You’re probably going to be irritated at me for the shades I chose.  I was only expecting him to get two, you see, so I listed a quartet of similar nudes, so sorry.  Nothing here really pops color-wise in this line-up, but they are lovely.  Also in the photo they look even more similar, but none of them are the same color or finish especially when swatched, as you’ll see in a few moments.   I’m still on the hunt for the perfect nude shade for me…

Shade names from left to right are: Farrah, Bettie, Tease, and Expose.  They’re actually a collection of pink-y, mauve-y nudes, not exactly the kind of tones that will blank and pale out your lips completely.  There are three lipstick variants here.  The lipsticks in the black cases are the Pin-Up Pout Plumping lipsticks, they supply moderate coverage and give a temporary spicy/tingly sensation that’s supposed to…somehow encourage your lips to plump up.  The idea of this may scare you if you’re a more conservative lipstick lover, but it’s nothing major really.  The tingling sensation is kind of like after having eaten something mildly spicy like Bicol Express or Beef Kaldereta then you feel your lips have that tingly heat, it lasts only for about five to eight minutes, and no, you don’t look like you’ve got fat lip after, so there’s no need to fear. Keep reading to find out what makes Lola lipstick unique!

The two other shades, Expose and Tease, are different.  Expose is a Lip Shine variant, a sheer glossy lipstick, and Tease is a Lip Sheer variant (though I kind of don’t get why they had to have lip shines and lip sheers, they feel quite similar).  What’s special about the packaging of Lola lipsticks is the built-in mirror mechanism  from the cap that opens up when you slide the cap off.  I’m sure you noticed the packaging’s uniqueness, they certainly do stand out in an appealing vintage way don’t they?  As a Filipina I do find it secretly amusing that Lola is the word we use for Grandmother, because inscribed within the built in mirror are these words…

The mirror is kept shut when you put the cap back on and I LOVE how the cap glides back in and doesn’t SNAP shut in an alarming plastic-y way, there’s a smooth snugness about how it closes.  The little case accent jutting out with a bit of bling is what keeps the spring-mechanized mirror from opening up while closed.  You might think the mirror is an unergonomic cumbersome add-on attempt, but it’s totally not.  I found myself instinctively (well, that’s me) fitting the mirror cap between my left middle and index finger while putting on lipstick with my right hand.  I held up the mirror and it works!  You get to see your lips while applying.  My boyfriend and I thought this was very clever.  If your man isn’t impressed with the lipstick, trying bragging about the cap to him haha!

You’ll see one of the Pin-Up Plumping shades on me further down

From left to right you have the shades:  Bettie, Farrah, Expose and Tease.  Farrah, according to my boyfriend, came free with Bettie which cost P1450.00, like buy1 take1 because of tip damage (tip of the lipstick bullet slightly flattened either during transit or due to mishandling), then Expose and Tease which are normally priced at P1000.00 were down to P850.00 each.  It’s quite a no-brainer to note that you’re paying extra for packaging.  MAC lipsticks locally come up to about the same price but without the fancy packaging, thus over there you’re paying for quality.  The brand is high-end street wear I think.  It doesn’t qualify as luxury like for example alongside the likes of Laura Mercier this is way more affordable, but the line isn’t drugstore cheap, that’s for sure.  On their site here, you see the likes of Kim Kardashian and Demi Lovato with a bag of Lola goods in tow. Overall, the quality of this product for me is not disappointing, Lola’s lipsticks certainly cover and wear better than a few of the brands we have locally but it falls slightly short of a MAC lipstick’s quality for an almost identical price.  However, I am certainly, certainly swept away by Bettie.  Bettie is a luscious pearly metallic rose gold nude which you’ll see me wearing in awhile, Farrah is a creamy mauve nude, Expose is a caramel nude, and Tease is a mauve pink sheer.   Here is a close-up of Bettie from the bullet…

…and here is how Bettie looks on me!  Please forgive my at homeness.  I love how it gives a sheen without glitter or shimmer scattering everywhere.  Bettie is longwearing and non-feathering, too, in my experience :).

If you can get over a momentary tingling sensation in the Lola Pin-Up Plumping variant I recommend this shade 🙂  .  It’s a shade that’s very wearable and gives a touch of glamor at the same time, and I don’t look like I’ve got an unnatural pout do I? Wink *  Nothing to fear.

Lola cosmetics is available at SM Department Store, Makati, I still have to confirm if all SM Department stores carry the line.

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  • yowhan

    Aww..sweet boyfriend!Lucky you Julia..:)
    How I wish meron din yan sa province. You gotta visit the watsons and SM department stores in the province. You’ll be dismayed kasi super limited yung beauty products dito.. kahit 4u2 WALA sa watsons iloilo..waah..:(
    still love2x your blog!^^

  • pat

    u know your bf loves you when even he breaks your cosmetics shopping fast! hehe – great haul!