Pretty Pages – Elle’s Travel Size 25th Anniv Issue

I stopped liking those gleaming glossy pages for awhile now, and thought I’d stop buying them forever until they downsized to a petite…

…and extremely handy version.  Mom gifted me with Elle’s Travel Size (see my hand for size reference) 25th Anniversary issue graced with the lovely Kate Hudson on the cover in a beautiful makeup look done by Sharon Dowsett.  The 25th Anniversary Issue for October is available in 4 other obviously collectible limited edition covers: Naomi Campbell, Carolina Herrera, Coco Rocha, and Galliano.

What I love about Elle is how it is the reader’s fashion mag.  Elle’s little featurettes and feature articles, on beauty style and everything in-between have me glued to a comfy seat in lightning speed.  Nothing peeves me me more when it comes to a fashion magazine than hundreds of pages of ads and about less than a dozen or more pages worth of true features or columns.  What I squeaked about on this one was its disarming new travel size.

The shrunk magazine fits perfectly into  fairly medium to large sized bag.  I also have the Bazaar one with Giselle Bundchen on the cover.  I thought this would look pretty against my candy striped vintage Yves Saint Laurent heirloom bedsheets which formerly belonged to my grandmother. I only discovered they were faded, loved, and worn YSL sheets one day when I was changing a pillowcase and saw the tag on the inside.

I’ve been sleeping on these bedding sets since high school without a clue what YSL was.  Quietly resting on top is my old favorite Milk & Co.bag which is about 5 years old, true leather in a creamy pink.  I even lost a buckle on the side pocket.

NOTD you know what it is?
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