NOTD OPI…er…do you know what it is?

Hi, I’m so sorry, I’ve been so busy like you wouldn’t believe…I owe a handful of posts since last Saturday, but hey, it’s not too late to finish my personal 3-post-per-week-or-more quota.  I’ve got today, tomorrow, and Friday, plus I’ve got tons to share with all of you, a makeover I did last Saturday and BlessMyBag’s very first by-invitation event launch, yey, people know me! LOL! :).  For now this is going to have to be a quick one, and for the first time, you, yes you, polish fanatic, are going to have to help me identify this deep brown beauty, because the label sticker beneath the bottle at the salon was the wrong one.

I don’t know if they did bottle switching and content transfer (I hope not, I don’t like it when people do that, transfer the contents of one product into an empty one labeled for another product).  The sticker read “That’s Berry Daring” which I properly and curiously Googled and That’s Berry Daring happens to be a bright berry pink, no way is it this delightfully delicious coffee-d bronze here. So what is this?  It’s rich, smooth, and chocolate-y in hue.  The polish has finely milled gold and/or rust shimmer worked into it, but what you get upon first impression is that pretty deep brown color in step for “fall”  or rainy season as we have it.  I have two coats as applied by Tinette & Co.’s manicurist, Myrna, finished with Orly Top to Bottom.

I’ll do a bit of a hunt for whatever this shade might be, but I am really liking it.  More entries for you to eat my dears, baking in the oven just as I serve this.

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  • May-ann

    DS Illuminate?

  • Charlotte

    Looks like Shim-merry Chic from last Christmas’ collection x

  • Lucy

    It’s a fake. OPI never put the wrong label on them. There are many colours all with “That’s Berry Daring” labels, all are fakes. They are sold at markets, on eBay and in some dodgy pharmacies or salons.