Noelle de Guzman aka KikayRunner – FOTD (Friend of the Day) Makeover

She can whip out words on a whim and zoom past you on foot any day.  On today’s makeover feature you are about to encounter one of my first childhood friends and one of the wittiest and most well-read bloggers-slash-runners I know.  Meet Noelle de Guzman, the KikayRunner, sporty and speedy with style.

I’ve known Noelle since I was 7 years old.  We met in Sunday School when she attended with her younger sister, Marielle.  Our encounter skipped a year and I found myself transferring to the same Christian school in Paranaque, Metro Manila where we found each other again.  We were in different grade levels in spite of my being 3 months older (she was one of the most intelligent people in school you see) but we always caught up with each other during recess, lunch break, and after class.  We talked about books, shared them, gobbled up Nancy Drew, and wrote scripts for our imaginary adventures.  When she wasn’t consuming novels by the pound, we were all over the place making up faraway lands, top secret missions, and fancying ourselves as young heroines on horseback.

with Noelle at Philippine Fashion Week, MAY 2010

Yes, we were the strange but fun and friendly crowd so to speak, and we loved to read.  We were the only 2 active members of our own book club and we ended up reading each other’s books.  Active book club membership bumped up to about 5 when Alma, my best friend finally joined, along with Toni Michele and Miren.  At age 11, Noelle and I formed an exclusive play (as in “laro”) group for people who were open to playing pretend on campus, we crafted our own high-tech gadgets out of reject antennas and cartolina and gave them out to our members as props for play.  We were occasionally laughed at, talked about, but we couldn’t care less.  It colored our world on campus.  She graduated from high school at age fifteen and entered U.P. Diliman (where we were schoolmates again) finishing her undergrad in Political Science with Cum Laude honors and her Masters in Journalism consecutively.

That isn’t enough for you?  Aah, years and years, and pages and pages of books and digests later, here she is, newly emerged as one of Metro Manila’s strongest young women.  As a freelancer, she juggles between being a prolific online blogger with her runner specific site, teaching fitness as an  internationally certified Les Mills Body Balance or Body Jam instructor at Fitness First, writing magazine features for the likes of Action and Fitness, Total Fitness, Runner’s World, and Women’s Health, plus hosting style and/or fitness events and TV spots on occasion.  My accomplished young friend enjoys her life as a freelance writer, fitness expert, and relentless runner.  Last July 4, 2010 she completed her first full length National Milo marathon on her birthday, finishing 42 kilometers in 4 hours and 18 minutes.  I’m telling you, the girl is good.  Properly writing about her achievements already feels like a 10k run.  Keep reading more after this to see closer shots of Noelle’s Paramore makeover :).

Last weekend I intentionally and lovingly slapped on a bright fluorescent look on Noelle inspired by Paramore’s lead singer, Hayley Williams.  Here’s a quick before photo I took of her.

Since time immemorial Noelle has always been INSANELY and beautifully fair.  Her milk-white relations attest to that sought after complexion being a shared family thing.  From running she has collected a few random sun spots on her face that are actually quite attractive and healthy looking (have you seen Gisele Bundchen without foundation?).  Truthfully, we were kind of in a rush due to her being in demand for that day.  On top of that, climate hit an all-time high for some odd reason…but I’m still happy about how our little makeover turned out in spite of the heat and humidity. I did encounter some dryness down the center of her face but I quickly cleansed it with Cetaphil before we started.  I like taking a little bottle of Cetaphil along in my kit because I can use it on clients and models for gentle yet effective cleansing without the use of water.  I primed her face with Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in “Nude” (which I highly recommend for active outdoors-y sorts like Noelle because of the SPF it has) then set straight to work.  i added a bit of foundation and concealer then  I started off with the Sleek Acid palette using the bright yellow on her eyelids.

You can see a bit of dryness/roughness on the surface of her face, but that’s only the temporary effect of recent sun exposure, here we already applied the tinted moisturizer and a bit of concealer.  It was pretty tricky to pause and take all the steps in between, but since this is after all a makeover and not a tutorial, I’ll just fast forward accordingly to the fun part.  Put your Paramore song on.

Here, I actually blended hot pink, not orange around the yellow, but it blended with the yellow and became orange.  It turned out ok, though the heat and time constraint left us rushing toward the end.  I worked Lanolips in Rhubarb onto her lips then stained them using my fingers with IZGO in hot fuschia pink.  Hayley doesn’t really wear full coverage lipstick unless it’s a premiere, special event, or red carpet night.  For Noelle’s kitty flick eyeliner we used Maybelline Eye Studio drama cream gel liner in black.

On Noelle’s cheeks I dusted IN2IT blush in plum pearl.   I blurred the shot a just a teeny bit to just minimize the detail of sweat that was forming speedily as I shot her, you don’t understand the kind of heat we were facing that day and on top of that I had to go and make her wear a hoodie to complete the Paramore look.

In the photo above we were sweating like crazy but she’s throwing the cool look our way so you can’t really tell, right? 🙂

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