Artistry by Amway – Bless My Bag’s First Blogger Event

It all began with an email invitation to the Shangri-La Hotel Makati Quezon Ballroom.Β  I was told by the Amway representative that my blog was selected from Top Blogs PH’s blogger list ranging among the top 50 (blush*) or at least somewhere there and he noted that my content was beauty specific so he eagerly read through and invited me and a few other beauty bloggers to the launch.Β  They were so gracious to us and the communication, organization, and the accommodations were spot on.

On October 12th, my life as a rookie beauty blogger changed. πŸ™‚Β  I was mildly aware of the Artistry beauty brand by Amway because I vaguely recall my mother owning a certain beauty product by them.Β  I knew that Amway provided quality prestige beauty and personal care products elusively available via direct selling, but I didn’t know a lot about the process so this was a good way to find out more.Β  The event was held as a launch for Artistry’s highly acclaimed new release, their 1 step intensive renewing peel powered by micro mushroom enzyme.Β  Do you think I hesitated in confirming?Β  You bet I didn’t!Β  I secured my rightful seat and my experience as a blogger leveled up. πŸ™‚ Reciprocation is oh, so sweet.

First, before the event, I gussied up and got ready.Β  I did my own makeup in the salon prior to the event (how do you like that fountain of baby hair?) giving my lips the right to pop with Lime Crime lipstick in Contessa Fluorescent in the middle blended with a lip brush into a deeper fuschia by IZGO on the outer edges.Β  It was much brighter than the photo you see here, and to balance off the look I did a strong black kitty flicked eye, with minimal eyeshadow.

I finished the middle of my lips with Fyrinnae Lip Lustre gloss in “Trickster”f or that extra highlight in the center of my lips.Β  All in all, three lip products delivered to give me the ideal hot pink lip that didn’t overpower my face.

I chose to wear my Larry Alcala (legendary Pinoy cartoonist) sleeveless stretch top by Solo which was an advanced anniv gift from my boyfriend.Β  It was timely that he gave it to me in advance, and I was so excited to wear art by a fellow alumnus.Β  Then I was off to the launch!

I think the very best part of this entire event was meeting other known Pinay beauty bloggers like Lee Shen of Shen’s Addiction (to my right) and Phoebe of Phoebeann, and even Dior Co of DiorCoMakeup who isn’t in the picture along with Camille of YourLittleBeautyBag, and Tia/Tara of Chronicles of Vanity.Β  It’s all about the joy of sharing and connecting really and being Filipina women at our best.Β  To my left is Dr. Meeko Hilario, the one who was kind enough to consider and invite me.Β  He is an active distributor for Amway Philippines and knows everything one needs to know about the Artistry line.Β Β  Continue reading to find out what I scored for myself at the end of the event! πŸ™‚

The event kicked of with some yummy refreshments (the salmon/tuna mini croissant was extremely delicious), although, I’m sorry, kailangan sabihin (must be said), Filipinos are shameless when it comes to food…managing to get some on my plate was like being squished in the LRT and I think I lost a few calories by the time I got some.Β  My killer boots were also simultaneously torturing my feet because it was a standing room only event up until the actual program within the ballroom.Β 

Shortly after cocktails and food was served, makeup artist Victor Ortega took to the mini stage outside the ballroom and proceeded to feature and demonstrate the use of Artistry’s makeup line.

Shortly after the brief makeup demonstration, we were ushered into a comfortably air-conditioned ballroom beautifully lit and prepared with an LCD screen for the product presentation (second photo from top).Β  Here, we were introduced to John Scimeca, the scientific developer of Artistry’s premiere product, the intensive skincare renewing peel.Β  He greeted us warmly and shared the not-too-surprising tale of his father having been stationed here once before in the Philippines during the war.

What was interesting among the characteristics he mentioned about the renewing peel product was the note on the product’s capability to act upon application then stop itself from acting further beyond our skin’s natural safe pH level.Β  The renewing peel is generally an intense exfoliant that is powered by a micro mushroom enzyme.Β  They concentrated on developing the product’s gentleness yet made sure it would deliver definite results.

I won’t be going into too much detail about the lecture itself just yet, lest I bore you with an article as long as your leg on screen.Β  I will save the major juicy, nerdy, scientific details for the premiere product’s solo in-depth feature on my site because guess what!? In my Artistry press kit goody bag was my very own free full size bottle of the renewing peel itself, enough for a full cycle of the treatment :).Β Β  I’m still thinking about whether I should test the product on my hand or on someone with skin in need of a bit of a rescue so we see more contrast in the results.Β  Honestly, my skin is not in need of major repair at the moment.Β  At this stage in my lifeΒ  I refrain from putting any serums or intense treatments on it, I don’t even use a moisturizer because we live along the foothills of a mountain and my face is never dry.Β  I do use sunscreen as needed.Β  I don’t have any major doubts about the product, I just think it would make more sense if I tested the product on someone who’d like to see drastic resurfacing results on their skin.Β  We’ll see how to go about this. πŸ™‚

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  • It was so nice to meet you at the event! So sorry I wasn’t able to say bye na, kasi didn’t want to get shushed again heehee.

    Anyway, yun pala ang secret ng lippy mo! It was so nice πŸ™‚ Hope to see you again in the future πŸ™‚

  • donna

    try it on your MOM or Titas first!!!!

  • Hello! i just found this here when i did an good google search. Fine blog you got here! Keep it up!