Urban Decay Summer of Love Nail Polish – Set of 7

I keep staring at this set because I can hardy believe it got here and that it’s mine!  We’ve got an Urban Decay product in the house for the very first time!

Now that’s a winner, and I find that the mini bottles of polish from Urban Decay’s Summer of Love nail kit are a more sensible size.  I have yet to meet a woman who’s gotten through an entire bottle of polish up to the very last drop.  Since Urban Decay is a US brand and doesn’t sell to the Philippines I was forced to hound Ebay for this lovely set of seven.  The price from the UK seller I tracked was nowhere near exorbitant.

Total cost plus shipping was slightly below but still close to the retail price at 17 English pounds, and I think Php1100.00 for seven lovely Urban Decay nail shades isn’t a bad deal at all considering that’s inclusive of the attractive, reusable zipper pouch.  You’re pretty much getting each color for about Php 150 pesos.  I can’t wait to feature and wear these shades one by one :).  The names of these from top to bottom are: Shine On, Woodstock, Lovelight, Hashbury, Magic Bus, Aquarius, and Pyschedelic Sister.

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  • Nina

    I’m actually going through your archives. How I wish Rustan’s brought back Urban Decay 🙁