Sigma Premium Travel Brush Kit (7 pcs.) – Classy in Silver

I broke the piggy bank a bit with this one, but it was something I seriously needed for months now since my cheaper brushes majorly began to shed during photoshoots, especially the big fluffy brushes.

I must say that these unbelievably soft brushes by Sigma are the most properly shaped ones I’ve encountered next to the MAC makeup brushes.  They’re reportedly handmade and appear extremely professional.  My particular favorite is the pointy, fluffy powder brush, Sigma’s F25 tapered face brush, their counterpart for the MAC 138 brush.

This is super perfect (perfect nga, super pa) for all over powdering because of its size, for perfect cheek contouring made easy with the pointy shape, and for soft blush/bronzer application and effortless blending made possible by what seem to be the softest natural bristles on the planet.

The texture and density is comparable to that of MAC brand brushes but instead of paying like P1500.00 or up to P2500 for just ONE MAC brush (local robbery…almost), in this travel set I get seven short-handled versions of Sigma’s best seller brush types, all extremely high quality for P3600.00.  I purchased these from Pink Slippers Boutique, a hearty Multiply business present at this last weekend’s Rockwell Moonlit Bazaar.  Continue reading to see the rest of the intro to this set inclusive of the six remaining brushes and a photo of someone who fell captive to my favorite one.  Don’t worry, I only individually featured the first three major brushes, the last four, which are all for the eyes, I summarized in one photo and paragraph.

The next brush is something I am extremely glad to have as part of this set, the duo-fiber brush.  This brush is unique because the bristles are a fusion of synthetic and natural bristles, the synthetic part being the white half if I’m not mistaken.  This is also sometimes called a stippling brush.

I recall this brush being used in a light dabbing motion for liquid highlighters and lightweight foundation to achieve a blended, streak-free effect, or alternatively in the more common way with dry highlighters and blush products.  This next one below may be the least interesting of the bunch being synthetic, but it may be the most essential.  Brushes with synthetic bristles are designed for picking up cream or liquid product.  This is a concealer/foundation brush.

Why I say concealer before foundation is because this isn’t exactly the ideal size brush for foundation.  That small size would add to foundation application time significantly, but it would still work with a brisk,experienced hand.  Expect to be able to use this beneath the eyes over dark circles, around the nose, and mouth area.  If you had a few blemishes over your chin and/or forehead this would also turn out to be your best friend in covering up.

Last but not the least, we have our eye brushes.  Sigma throws in four impressive brushes all designed to softly aid in achieving great eye definition.

Starting from the left, you have the large fluff brush.  The large fluff is your basic large eyeshadow brush which is great for laying down your base color, highlighting certain areas of the face, or blending hard edges away on the eyes.  Next, what seems to be a paddle brush in need of a growth spurt is actually a stubby, dense essential.  The short shader is designed for packing on color like the MAC 139, thought it might take a bit longer, but is also perfect for smudging your eyeliner along the lashline or adding bits of color in and around the same area.  You may also have to consider the short shader as the alternative for brow work since this set does not include an angled brush, I believe it would still work nicely.  Third one is the small tapered blending brush designed to get into your eyelid’s crease without fail and give you pro outer-v’s (shadow shape) and depth without the hassle.  This is the the F25’s small sibling.  You can see the similarity in shape.  Last in the eye set is the can’t-do-without fine liner brush.  What I like about this is its smooth, dense, and flexible build with synthetic fibers.  This should easily lay down liquid or cream eyeliner in a smooth straight line, and that small bit of resistance in the bend is great for achieving good flawless winged eyes or intensely graphic kitty flicks on the outer corner.

This set has a lot of work cut out for it in the coming weeks.  The holidays are coming and that means a lot of parties, reunions, and events are on their way.  Someone had to agree with me on the softness of these brushes, as soon as I opened it and tried to describe them to my mother, one brush repeatedly went missing on the table.  My teenage brother wouldn’t leave the big, soft fluffy brush alone because we both agreed on how it made us feel…so I asked him if he’d like to show my readers what that was like exactly.

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