FOTD: Falling for Fall – My A/W look

Yesterday, after being rushed to the ER by my boyfriend for an acute gastritis attack (picture me puking at work non-stop), I just needed a total change of pace. My doctor sent me home requiring one day of home rest. Being stuck in my room is magical.

Drawn in by some of the fall inspired looks that have been popping up, I relaxed in my room by working a fall look onto my face.  There was actually supposed to be more green than blue on the eyes, but I think it still works.

As a base, using my hands I blended in Revlon Photoready foundation in Nude Beige.  On my eyes I used the Sleek MakeUP Storm Eye palette using the blue and green adjacent shades on the second row of the palette and black to add depth and darkness.  On my cheeks, I contoured using Lancome Sparkling Cherub Illuminating Highlighter/bronzer powder.

On my lips I put on MAC Viva Glam III which was a gift from one of my aunts from one Christmas past, I don’t remember which one (LOL). It’s a rich, deep, dark, thick and solid chocolate berry color, it looks slightly brighter in these photos because these were taken in the day time, but I really ought to do another dark look and shoot it at night.

I forgot how good this lipstick really is.  The lipstick alone has inspired me to do another dark look with it as soon as I can.  The gold tinge you see on the lip comes from dabbing a bit of gold eyeshadow on it just to give the look a bit of texture.

Has anything you’ve seen online inspired you to get with this fall’s season trends?  Or is watching it all happen just as yummy and satisfying for you as getting with it?  I just wanted to know because we’re all different.

This is how I'm picking out the winner...
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  • donna

    nice one ….again! Love the tip on gold accent on the lips.

  • donna

    My BFFs love your blog. Juls! You’re brilliant !

  • Maggie Q, is that you?

  • Charlotte

    that is gorgeous, the 2nd picture took my breath away!