This is how I’m picking out the winner…

In case any of you are curious about how I’m picking out the random giveaway winner of my first local giveaway (click HERE if you haven’t joined, you have until tomorrow 8pm Manila time), here’s how it’s going to happen.  I start by listing all the entries from BlessMyBag’s Facebook numerically in a list, those who entered comments on BlessMyBag’s FB wall under the giveaway post are official entries.  Then I begin generating a random starting number at , that’s this site:

Then I enter the start and end numbers of the list, depending on how many entries there are, to generate that random starting number.  If it generates #15 for example, I’m going to start the list for the Fruit Machine jackpot lottery (watch video below) at that entry number on the list.  So you’ve got double the randomness to be fair and square!  Winners will be announced of course here on the site and on the FB profile as well, I’ll be posting the actual fruit machine video with the winner like this SAMPLE VIDEO below.  God bless you all, Ladies :)!  Watch the fruit machine video below or if it won’t show, click this link to see what winning is going to look like.

(Drumroll) And My First Giveaway winner is...
FOTD: Falling for Fall - My A/W look
  • yowhan

    Hello Julia!
    nice to know that picking the winner will be in random.equal chances to all.=)
    i can’t find the comment i posted in your fb fanpage weeks must have been deleted or something. anyway,keep up the good work..loving your blog..^^