Amway Artistry Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel

I’ve been all over the place and coming home to internet that just wasn’t working for over a week. So I apologize, my beauties, for the lack of posts. They fixed it now, thank goodness. I hope it stays this way. I know I said I preferred not to try the Artistry renewing peel on myself, but the tightness in schedule has left it up to me to be my very own guinea pig.

If you recall a few posts back I was invited by Artistry to attend their launch for this renewing peel product in Shangri La Makati. I tested it for safety on my hand only because I have NEVER ever tried a peel treatment or serum on myself, because frankly, I’m blessed that I don’t really need it just yet.  Thankfully, no undesirable reaction occurred so I was sure it was safe to try on my face.  I expect nothing undesirable should come from a product that costs Php 4900.00 (suggested retail price, so you know why I feel absolutely blessed to have gotten this free) and I do believe the Amway team knows quality skincare.  The product comes in an attractive metal finish pump bottle.

Continue Reading to see me try this product on my T-zone.

The colorless, semi-transparent consistency is like that of hair gel, highly concentrated and viscous, having a relatively high resistance to flow.  This is three squirts direct from the pump.

I decided not to do the recommended eight squirts which is for the entire face because I only planned to apply it in the general central area of my face.  The T-zone includes my nose, the one with somewhat battered pores (pore strips you failed me in my teens).  Here’s the unglamorous before photo, complete with tiny late twenties spots that have taken residence.

I write in this way, in the manner of having to say I tested it first like I didn’t trust anybody who recommended it, not meaning to offend anyone who has assured me of the product’s mildness.  I write this way because I keep my product reviews candid and honest.  In our local industry I find that Filipinos, God bless us,  hardly ever take the good with the bad not realizing that that can be beneficial and constructive for the brands we know.  As a result, we only tend to fool ourselves and rave in advance, nodding heads in unison with the marketing about something before actually gathering up the results from trying the product.  So, disclaimers aside, I applied a thin layer of product in the center of my face.  You’ll see how wet it is upon application with this extreme close-up.

There was no strange tingling or stinging sensation.  It was just very cool.  It felt like something with menthol was on my skin, it was smooth, cold, and very refreshing on the surface.  The Artistry claim is that this new at-home peel is meant to exfoliate in a non-abrasive way, encouraging healthy skin to be more visible at the surface.  The exfoliating agent is a mushroom enzyme (nothing from your backyard, ladies, where you going with that basket?) that works beneath the skin’s surface then neutralizes at a certain pH level.  This is to be applied twice a week for six weeks and that’s the full amount provided in the bottle.  Now, onto the peeling, after eight minutes have passed, you may rub the surface of your face lightly, or any areas to see the peeling action happen.  You’re actually supposed to simply rinse it off but if you want to experience the peel, it’s okay to lightly begin rubbing to see it happen.

What makes me wary about “skin peel” products is that I’ve seen people with scads of skin peeling away and telling me they bought a skin peel and it isn’t too pleasant to see plus it doesn’t look natural at all.  I remember playing with Elmer’s white glue in school.  We’d cover our hands, our palms in particular, with thin layers of it then wait till the glue set and was dry enough to peel off as one whole membrane-like sheet with our finger and hand prints left on it.  I half expected this to be like that.  It hardly was.  This Artistry peel doesn’t chemically dry the surface of the skin to exfoliate, peels that do that are often quite harsh.  It’s the product itself that peels off in a soft, delicate, rubbery way, and whatever dead surface cells may be are expected to go along with it, not large areas of your skin.  After eight minutes the treatment is done and you may rinse it off with water.

There is no result photo because the last photo is pretty much that, and because as expected my skin showed little difference visually.  In my case I think my skin is pretty healthy already that’s why it’s hard to spot the difference.  I will say though that the peel did make the surface of my skin super soft and it did feel refreshed, moisturized, and light.  I can also attest to the mildness of the product because I have very sensitive skin.  No redness or itchiness followed the treatment.  Studies show that 99% of the women who were part of the product testing said their skin felt younger and smoother.  I still plan to try it on someone older whose skin is in greater need so we can see a more obvious contrast of the treatment.  I’m happy to note that this is safe to use at home like they said and it is as mild as I hoped it would be.  If you’re interested in trying this out you may email Dr. Meeko Hilario at  He is a certified Artistry Distributor and a good friend.

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  • Chin Tyng

    Hi Saw your comment on this latest product.
    I’m a Amway member in Singapore and this pdt have not launch yet, will be launching next year only. 🙁

    Your info is really good.



  • Bless My Bag

    This has launched already here in the Philippines 🙂 I was invited by Amway to attend the launch 🙂

  • Shaz

    can you tell me if i can use the product cause i have pimples and loads of whiteheads and blemishes from previous pimples ? also i have fair skin color

  • Bless My Bag

    I’d recommend you ask your dermatologist first 🙂

  • Kevin

    Hi i hv sensitive & thin skin, is it suitable for me 2 use it? cuz the exfoliate effects may cause my skin bcome thinner & redness on it ‘~’

  • moon

    Hi Kevin,
    this skin peel i dy use it, it is vry mild n suit for sensitive skin,but u need to make sure what sensitive skin u hv. n this product wil automatic stop after they remove the dead skin, it wont go inside ur dermis layer, so wont cos u sensitive.