Another Michelle Phan fave – Amazing Concealer

An aunt of mine posted a message for me on Facebook “You have to tell me about that amazing concealer you said was really good, what is it?” , “Amazing Concealer!”  I said.  Confused, she repeated herself “Yes, yes I know it is amazing, but what is it really?”,  I exclaimed “Haha, Amazing Concealer!  That’s what it is, Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer!”…after a long thoughtful pause she said “Ohhhh! Okayy…”

I first learned about this concealer last year after getting hooked on the lovely Michelle Phan’s YouTube makeup tutorials (US-based Vietnamese celebrity beauty vlogger).  In almost every video in her early days she raved about Amazing Concealer and how good it was at covering imperfections.  This is manufactured in California in the US.  They have a cutesy blog called AmazingLand.  Let’s try this little wonder out shall we? 🙂  By the way, I’m sorry to say this isn’t cheap.  This little 0.2 oz tube cost $28.00!  Got it off Amazon last year and sent it to relatives abroad.  However, you only use a super super small amount of product, a little amazing goes a really REALLY long way, half-a drop is enough to cover a lot of spots already.  It’s powerfully pigmented.  You use like this much for all your spots, then one more half-drop like this for all your undereye circles.

What a smidge of product eh?  So, next we have the unimpressive before application shot.

…then we have the after shot.  Sorry the focus of the photo moved a bit towards the ear, but the concealer coverage is still very evident.  I have Amazing Concealer in the shade Medium Beige, but apparently Michelle’s shade is one step slightly too dark for me, so next time around I’m getting a shade lighter.  I dabbed the concealer over my pores and pigmentation spots.  For the spot I concentrated dabs of the product directly on them.  I still left two of my moles uncovered at the bottom.  They’re a well-loved a natural part of me.

The concealer didn’t make me whiter, the camera just caught more light with this shot.  As you can see though the Amazing Concealer does a good job of covering up with a very small amount of product.  I bought that tiny tube last year and I’m still using it today.  Like I said, a little amazing does go a long way.  Here’s one of Michelle Phan’s videos where she uses Amazing Concealer:

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  • i like this article.i too am a fan of Michelle phans favorite is the seductive vampire/barbie/gaga(bad romance) i actually love them all!!!!